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A ReMARKABLE eBOOK - check out some of the pages above.
just $3.95. Buy it and I will send you an email pdf, including printouts and lots of great ideas and links.

4 BIG IDEAS covers some exciting conceptual ideas in mathematics that can be tackled from kindergarten to year 6. This book introduces Fractals, Pygthagoras, Fibonacci and 4 Colour Theory.

So buy a copy and enjoy and send word around to your friends about this remarkable resource. I hope you laugh at, learn from and love this eBook

4 BIG IDEAS is suitable for teachers, parents and children.

“Do you need a Hammer to do Multiplication?” is, also available, great for Multiplication, the most essential skill to have.

Please read the Copyright notes.

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Sharing this Document
A lot of work that went into putting these documents together. I can’t tell you how many countless hours, days, weeks, I spent putting together ‘Do you Need a Hammer to do Multiplication?” and "Big Ideas". That means that this information has value, and your friends, neighbours, and co-workers may want to share it.

The information in this document is copyrighted. I would ask that you do not share this information with others, YOU purchased the books, and YOU have a right to use them on your system and with YOUR class only. Another person who has not purchased the books does not have that right. It is the sales of this valuable information that makes the continued publishing of the VIRTUAL TEACHER Newsletter and other eBooks like these ones possible. 

If your friends think this information is valuable enough to ask you for it, they should think it is valuable enough to purchase on their own. After all, the price is low enough so that just about anyone should be able to afford it. So go forth and popularise iMaths Hammers and 4 Big Ideas, don’t plagiarize them.

It should go without saying that you cannot post these documents or the information it contains on any electronic bulletin board, Web site, FTP site, newsgroup, or ... well, you get the idea. 

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