Virtual Teacher

Virtual Teacher
AI Programmer

Educational Programming is one of the most powerful use cases for AI.

VT AI Programmer is fantastic at generating curriculum-aligned content in well-sequenced lessons 
or providing outcomes and integrations for any unit of work, in the blink of an eye.

If your sick of the NIGHTMARE if endless hours spent programming like me, the VT AI Programmer is the answer.

It’s why I built the VT K-6 Program AI Assistant.

I’d like to invite you to use this tool whenever you need to write a program.

The VT AI Programmer has been trained on DET NSW Syllabus documents data set and the DET syllabus website,
it also resources information from Virtual Teacher and other educational resources.

YOU just follow the conversation, ask for more details to flesh things out, ask for a pre-test, and answers,
 ask for a diagram or image and the VT AI Assistant will do this all for you, it can do AMAZING things.

YOU can also access the VT AI Assistant on your mobile device,
how cool, or use speech-to-text input from your keyboard.

And most importantly The VT AI Programmer 

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