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Amazing Video combining live TV Reporting and a Virtual Studio with AR effects.
Who'd have thought you could stage a live virtual studio like this? The Future Group's Pixotope is a staggering illustration of some very clever software.
CHECK OUT the details at the RedShark website Is this the way we will view live TV in the Future? How exciting.


5 Biggest Tsunami Caught On Camera
Tsunamis are giant waves caused by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions under the sea. Out in the depths of the ocean, tsunami waves do not dramatically increase in height.
But as the waves travel inland, they build up to higher and higher heights as the depth of the ocean decreases. The speed of tsunami waves depends on ocean depth rather than the distance from the source of the wave. 


Volcano Erupting - Lava Volcano erupting - Iceland volcano: Drone footage captures stunning up-close view of eruption.
The Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland began erupting again on 8th August 2022 after eight months of slumber. Check it Out
Volcano Discovery Every volcano in the world that has erupted within the past 10,000 years or is considered potentially active and many extinct volcanoes are listed.
More on volcanoes on VirtualTeacher


Australia bushfires: 'It's like fireballs exploding in the air' - BBC News


Let me know when you see Fire” footage from the new Phantom Flex4K - “Let me know when you see Fire”


Worst 8 Disasters in Global History by Deaths Per Second ARE mostly Earthquakes
World history is filled with disasters, and most of them come with extremely high death tolls. This list looks at the top 8 disasters by body count.
Antioch Earthquake 526AD
Death Toll: Between 250,000 and 300,000
Duration: 20 seconds on average
Death rate: (persons/second): 13,750 (average)


BUREAU OF METEOROLOGY ­ Australia. Find current and general information about climate and weather conditions, including warnings and disasters.
Get the BOM Weather app FREE

Relief Web provides current information on prevention, preparedness and disaster response. Browse latest disaster updates and analysis. Also filter by country, disaster type and month.


NOT disaster site but you can see disasters from here. Visit this fabulous site here.
Ventusky combines live wind, rain, radar or temperature maps, from more than 50 weather layers, providing detailed forecast for your place or any place in the World, it uses data from the best weather forecast models.



An asteroid simulator that lets you design your own asteroid, and launch it at a location on Earth. Users can choose from an array of asteroid compositions, iron, stone, carbon, and gold or pick a comet.
Asteroid Launcher is simple to use. Just click on a point of impact, then choose the type of asteroid, its size, its impact speed, and its impact angle.

TITANIC - You Won’t Believe It!


Titanic Unveiled: You Won't Believe What This 3D Scan Reveals!
Watch the video.
The World's most famous shipwreck has been revealed as never seen before.
Watch the Video
The first full-sized digital scan of the Titanic, which lies 3,800m (12,500ft) down in the Atlantic, has been created using deep-sea mapping. See it in the London Stadium.
It provides a unique 3D view of the entire ship, enabling it to be seen as if the water has been drained and it is sitting in the Stadium.

The hope is that this will shed new light on exactly what happened to the liner, which sank in 1912 - killing 1,500 people. 

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