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by CATHY BROWN No:272 30 04 2024
Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to another issue of VirtualTeacher, your go-to source for all things Tech, AI, STEM and more!
I've been diving deep into the world of AI, Databases and What's Cool and discovering some real gems that I can't wait to share with you.
I'll wrap up this newsletter with an "AI gone wrong" image that will make you chuckle (or maybe even cringe a little).

Here's a few quotes that resonated with me this week:-

“Ithink one of the most interesting things about automation
isn’t on the practical side. I think it’s about creating magic and wonder and momentsof splendour."
Genevieve Bell Anthropologist.
and as Steven W Anderson of @web20classroom says
“Alone we are smart but together we are brilliant. We can use the collective wisdom to do great things when we are connected.”
Here's what's on the MENU today:
  • Using a BaseRow Database

  • The Astribot S1 Robot

  • AI music creation app Udio

  • Limitless: a personalized AI powered by what you’ve seen, said, or heard.

  • SUNIO AI text-to-music AI site

  • Do You Use Voice-To-Text?

  • AI Gone Wrong
Let'screate a ripple effect of learning, sharing, and growing together.Passany good idea on to colleagues, and encourage them to subscribe toVirtualTeacher for more great ideas. Below is a recent ripple effect from Maria.

I can only repeat the praises that all your subscribers singof your wonderful newletter. Beside personal mail - it is the emessagethat I look forward to the most.

As a Year 5 teacher, I seem to useeverything you include, either directly; modified in class; or copiedand passed along to colleagues. Looking forward to the next newsletter.
Thanks Maria always great to hear som feedback

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Ever dream of a classroom buzzing with self-directed learners, diving deep into knowledge with insatiable curiosity? We all have!

BUT that nagging voice whispers, "How can I possibly manage personalized learning for every single student?" I hear you!

Here's the secret: Empower your students to LEAD their own learning journey! I know, I know, you're thinking, "But how do I keep track of 25 different paths?" It's actually SIMPLE!

Let Students Take Charge!
  • Self-MonitoringProgress: Ditch the teacher-centric grading! Empower students to tracktheir own learning! This builds ownership and responsibility.
  • Self-Evaluation: Move beyond teacher-led assessments. Let students evaluate theirunderstanding! This fosters critical thinking and metacognition.
  • Difficulty Gauges: Ditch the one-size-fits-all approach! Let students determine taskdifficulty. This personalizes the learning experience.
  • Independent GoalSetting: Empower students to chart their own course! Let them settheir next steps and confidently seek help when needed.
  • Celebrating Success: Let students revel in their own accomplishments! Seeing their progress fuelsmotivation and a love for learning.
Introducing BaseRow: The Secret Weapon for Student-Led Learning!
BaseRow is an amazing database that makes this ALL EASY and SATISFYING! Just like the feeling of ticking off a completed task (trust us, it's addictive!), BaseRow empowers students to take charge of their learning journey.
This is the key to unlocking student agency!
How to build a simple journal database in Baserow
Instructions courtesy of from Max at 100Days
Find out more about databases
What is a Database?
What is a relational database?


Stardust Intelligence unveils Astribot S1. The Chinese startup claims it demonstrates high dexterity, speed, and intelligence in household tasks. What do you think of it? Ask your kiddos what they think of this ROBOT and and it's capabilities.
This video is 3 mins great for a Class and group discussion.



Try out this new AI music creation app Udio. Here’s my creation based on Electric Dreams.
It’s a pretty good starting point for remixing and improving.
Try it out for free.


Introducing Limitless: a personalized AI powered by what you’ve seen, said, or heard.

This is an amazing device. Allows you to focus on the conversation you are having without being distracted.
Make summaries, lists, get advice from an assistant and save securely and privately. A glimpse of the future maybe. Check out Limitless Here
Very cute and enticing.


There are a few text-to-music AI sites around. This one is great and worth a try. Use it as a whole class or if kids can login they might like to try it themselves.
This one I did from this Prompt "An upbeat smooth feel good jazz tune about how great AI is and how it makes your imagination come to life.."


How many TEACHERS use a voice-to-text recorder to collect information to use later in writing report comments?
I use one all the time but not sure if this is common practice.
Do you use a voice-to-text recorder?
What do you use?
(image is AI created image in NightCafe A happy humorous octopus with tentacles holding iPhone, coffee, mouse, laptop, books, detailed photographic hyper realistic detailed humorousUsing SDXL 1.0. )


AI generated Cartoon Hand. What's wrong with this image?

This is the worst that this technology will be, it will only get better!


Check out OctoStudio OctoStudio is completely FREE of charge.This video shows how to use it, all visual no voice-over. A great starting point to explore OctoStudio.
OctoStudio is developed by MIT Media Lab, that created Scratch, the world’s most popular coding language for kids.



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