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“Do you need a Hammer to do Multiplication?”, began its’ life over 20 years ago and was produced on an early version of Adobe Illustrator. It was sent out to a number of publishers and rejected as it didn’t “FIT “. It was full colour, not a text book and of cause the interactivity was impossible.

Now finally the technology has caught up with the book. Totally updated with lots of interactivity from the index to sounds to hyperlinks. From the aplause on the front page to the youtube videos of Pythagoras. All hidden within the text for you to discover. And also discover a world of thrills, excitement and wonder. It’s starting place is multiplication but it introduces the “World the Universe and Everything” or 42 whichever you prefer.

So download a copy and enjoy and send word around to your friends about this remarkable resource. I hope you laugh at, learn from and love this eBook
Maths Hammers is suitable for teachers, parents and children.

Oh! To find out the answer to the question “Do you need a Hammer to do Multiplication?” is, you’ll have to buy the book, the answers on page 44. And if you don’t download the book you will never ever know.

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A lot of work that went into putting these documents together. I can’t tell you how many countless hours, days, weeks, I spent putting together ‘Do you Need a Hammer to do Multiplication?” and "Big Ideas". That means that this information has value, and your friends, neighbours, and co-workers may want to share it.

If your friends think this information is valuable enough to ask you for it, send them to the website to download their own copy.   So go forth and popularise Maths Hammers and 4 Big Ideas.

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