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Here are a few fantastic Easter sites.
And since we are talking about chickens, here's a rather interesting article on
"Why did the Chicken cross the road?".
Yes! that old chestnut. It, once again, shows teachers know what they're talking about.

HaveacrackinggoodEaster animation


The animated gif was rather fun to make. Check out the versions the kiddos made, ovals, a triangle and
2  circles.

chicken Easter


Check out their great Easter card. There are lots of great ideas on the Krokotak site, this is just one of the. Based on draing a circle for younger grades, and the final look is splendid. Check out the other great Krokotak ideas for Easter as well.


A great twist Easter Egg dying that is sure to be a hit.  A variation of Chinese tea eggs with a easy and simple method.


egg pixabay

21 super original and awesome Easter eggs full of pop culture references) from people who really went above and beyond. These are sure to inspire some amazing eggy creations. (please review before showing your students - you may like to select only a few of them and download to show your students).


Easter origami

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to fold these cute origami Easter bunnies. They are so easy to fold even for small children. They will have lots of fun doing it. 


girl pixabay

TIME & DATE is a great site for researching celebrations around the world. Some great information about Easter Celebrations in Australia also search the site for celebrations aroun the world.


rabbit pixabay

Easter How do we determine when to celebrate Easter? The significance of the Easter Holiday around the world. Lots of info and videos

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