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Seems to me that THE greatest problem we have is that nearly everyone is totally stressed about educational change, 

using technology and computers in 3 ways.

1. What it means to ME(the teacher)
What does it mean for me?
Will I still have a job?
Am I being replaced by a computer?
I just don’t want to spend the time learning about technology?
I am already sooo exhausted..

2. What it means for STUDENTS
Students won’t learn what they need?
ie. we can’t trust the kid.

3. What it means for EDUCATION DEPARTMENTS
How will we know what is being learnt, how do we evaluate it?
ie. we don’t trust the teachers

Well the big news is you don’t have to worry.
The future will be amazing.

The way I see it..

Historically Socrates would talk and discuss ideas with his students. In its simplest form it is a method of teaching by question and answer.
- *learning was a social personal endeavour.

What I loved about my education was the amazing opportunities realised when a group of individuals came together to chat, discuss and invent ideas.
- *learning was a social personal endeavour.

Sugata Mitra

In Sugata Mitra’s videos it is the group of children chatting and inventing that stimulates the learning. Here’s one you must watch
* learning is a social personal endeavour

It is actually the ferment of ‘chatting’ that stimulates and creates great ideas. And it is more powerful if it is done in person, with a teacher/mentor. Our students need us more than ever and our role will be a more important one.

My ideal educational learning environment of the future would be:-

To create a great place where teachers and students can come together and learn. Chatting and talking is sooo.. important, face to face is the most potent method there is. I want to have amazing schools and I want to look forward to it everyday.

I would develop learners and introduce them to amazing things online and also up close and personal.

I want them to discover things that interest them that they are passionate about and develop learning skills based on questions they propose, or questions I prod them with.

There will be no tests - test are cheap to administer and lazy ways to assess learning and almost an insult to the work that is done in classrooms - the brilliant things the amazing things.

We want to create great adults who are great friends and husbands and wives and parents and members of their community.

This can’t happen without personal contact, people being interested in one another, developing social skills - which can only be learned face to face with peers and teachers who care about one another. - learning was a social personal endeavour.

International Baccalaureate


From those who need more assistance to those who become totally independent learners.

From learning basic skills to exploring the known world and onto the unknown world. Great teachers/mentors will be essential, trusting kids will be essential, trusting teachers will be essential.

There would be time to chat and to think and exchange views. Students will value their own learning and take responsibility for it and evaluate their own progress - with guidance and assistance, gradually strengthen their abilities to become life long socially responsible learners.

A teacher/mentors job is the most important job in the world. These changes will also make it the most enjoyable and satisfying job in the world.

Take a glimpse at one possibility already in place The International Baccalaureate® video above, from a teaher training in the IB program.

It deals with many of the principals and ideas for future education and offers an existing organised curriculum. Watch it and see how it makes sense of this brave new world of Education.

Our Job is To Make Men and Women of Them

Just like the Indians

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