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DRAMA NOTEBOOK If you are looking for new drama activities, lesson plans, scripts, curriculum, and a huge collection of theatre games all in one place, you’ve found it!
Good amount of FREE content plus some paid content. 


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Theatre Sports Games - Theatre Sports games are a hell of a lot of fun in the classroom. Perhaps the best thing about them is that they can literally be used with any age group. Theatre Sports games appeal to primary/elementary students as well as high school students and they can be great to use with adults as well.


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Shakespeare Biography from Shakespeares birthplace.
His plays, sonnets, characters, the theatres, dates and time-lines, a veritable cornucopia of Shakespearian information.
The site even provides you with quizzes to test your knowledge This is not the flashiest site one about - could do with an visual upgrade but the content is great.



Akala - Hip-Hop & Shakespeare?
You will love this. If you ever wanted to turn kids onto Shakespeare this is it. It covers relevance and rhythm in Shakespeare. Hand on my heart.

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