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Edward DeBono

Edward DeBono was Maltese. I am also an Australian/Maltese Citizen, and love this little country.
Check out my Maltese page. I had the privilege of having an 8 week course with him during my undergraduate years at Sydney University. Inspiring.

Here are Six THiNKING HATS pdfs you can print out and use with small groups.

WARNING - there will be colouring, there will be discussion, there will be collaborative listening and the development of positive groups social skills. Students can colur the hats(except the white one and use them to enhance discussions.

White Hat, Blue Hat, Yellow Hat, Red Hat, Green Hat, Black Hat,

Award HATS

If you want students to embrace the idea of thinking differently - reward them for their great thinking.

White Award, Blue Award, Yellow Award, Black Award, Red Award, Green Award


HERE'S from THE MAN HIMSELF - Dr Edward de Bono at Creative Innovation 2010 - "Re-thinking the future”

*There are lots of images of hats on the Internet. Here are mine. I purchased these exact hats from a party shop and use them in the classroom. The children love wearing the hats.
Right Click on the Thinking hat and select 'save image as'.

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