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by CATHY BROWN No:268 04 12 2023
Hello Everyone,

May it be filled with belly laughs, joyful jigs, and moments so delightful they make unicorns jealous.
May your days be merry and your relatives be slightly less crazy than usual.

Have as Much FUN as possible!
AI generated image using NightCafe AI text to image generator.
Using the Prompt

"Unicorns celebrating Christmas around a fire with smiles,
drinking hot chocolate & wearing Christmas hats."

The future of AI in Education is truly mind-blowing! And is already happening at the Agora and Alpha schools.
Check out the videos and the thinking will, well, BLOW YOUR MIND!. But you were probably already thinking something similar. A school where no one is a teacher, they are GUIDES. No Longer the SAGE on the STAGE but the GUIDE on the SIDE. HOORAY!
Robotics - AMAZING.
Just updated the VT Robotics page - check out the video
Introducing Pika 1.0, the idea-to-video platform that brings your creativity to life.
So amazing and so advanced. This quick video shows it will be a game changer.

Of Course XMAS is coming
In the interest of JOYFUL TEACHING, turn yourself into a Christmas Sprite,
sticky tape a A4 green sheet of paper to a ruler(Download the code here) and sing
The NORAD SANTA TRACKER is up and running again this year.
Check out how it all STARTED
The Santa Tracker tradition started with this Sears ad, which instructed children to call Santa on what turned out to be a secret military hotline.
Kids today can call 1-877 HI-NORAD (1-877-446-6723) to talk to NORAD staff
about Santa's exact location.
Courtesy of NORAD Click here for more Christmas links on the VT site.

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Have a great week, whatever you're getting up to.


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Students’ happiest day is in kindergarten and HAPPINESS at school goes down every year until they are juniors and see a way out.

Wouldn't you love a school that has this as it's AIM????

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the world as we know it, including inside the classroom. Alpha, an Austin private school founded in 2014 with students in kindergarten through 12th grade, has reportedly replaced educators with AI to teach students core subjects. Instead, teachers at the school are now referred to as "guides." Check out the video here.
Alpha’s 2hr Learning allows students to spend only 2hrs/day on academics, but learn 2x as much as they would in 6 hours in standard school.The Alpha AI Tutor revolutionizes education, replacing traditional teaching methods with cutting-edge technology.

Alpha, Texas private school is using AI & technology to teach core subjects, and it isn't the first school to do this.

The Agora school system, which is gaining popularity across Europe, has no classes, classrooms, or curriculums. Starting with a single school with 34 students, the chain now has 20 schools across the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland.
"We give children the opportunity to play,
because when children are playing with something
they get interested.
And then you don’t have to teach
and you don’t have to police them either."


A Geome-Tree – A Christmas Math Project

The Sierpinski Triangle

A great math project for Christmas.
Make a fantastic centrepiece for the Christmas with a Sierpinski Triangle.
This intricate triangle is named after a Polish Mathematician calledWaclaw Sierpinski.
The shape comprises many triangles (here we usetetrahedrons)
stacked on each other in a particular way to create areally cool and intricate Geome-Tree. Check is out.
WATCH the Video - Christmas Geome-Tree - Math STEM Project Making Christmas Ornaments and a Sierpinski Triangle Tree Start at .25m in.
which covers Sierpinski triangles in the Fractals section.


It's a great time of year to indulge in some trickery and fun so check out the Virtual Teacher Optical Illusion page

Optical illusions simply trick our brains into seeing things which may or may not be real.

Check out the Link to AsapScience on "Can you Trust Your Eyes"

I Will Never Trust My Eyes Again...
Once you have viewed some of the splendid ILLUSIONS, make some of your own. Perhaps a Decotrope or an Optical Illusion from
Kids Art Hub which has lots of videos on YouTube,
that are easy to follow.


Check out The Virtual Teacher YouTube Channel for some Splendid new videos.

Animate a Sprite Using Audio for Christmas with Adobe Express.

And our Latest Adventures with AI Working with prompts and Text Effects in Adobe
Firefly and using the Teachable Machine all done by Stage 1.

And The Decotropes Video - always a fun activity for the end of the Year.

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