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by CATHY BROWN No:254 30 05 2022
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This newsletter is about creating Magic Moments, curiosity that develops into passion that develops into rigour, and creates greater learning than I ever thought was possible.
I am astounded at kindergarten's understanding of the power of compressed air, the inventiveness, the creativity and the explanations of the R&D team. No Naplan, Essential Assesment, Sena testing in sight.

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WHAT am I reading?
The Madness of Crowds by Douglas Murray
Is this what everyone is thinking on the inside and just not talking about?
Buy it the Book Depository or your favourite bookstore.
A fabulous well researched book. Douglas examinesthe twenty-first century's most divisive issues: gender race and identity. He reveals the astonishing new culture wars playingout in our workplaces, universities, schools and homes in the names ofsocial justice, identity politics and intersectionality.
The Audiobook is splendid, read by Douglas himself with chocolately delicious voice, it is quite the treat to listen to. You can also hear him interviewed in this short YouTube video.
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One of my kiddos came in with a passion to make some hydraulicdevices. So we have all embarked on a HYDRAULIC ADVENTURE together. Suchfun to invent with passion.
We watched Adam Savages - great video
The instructables video on Pneumatic and hydraulic machines is also great. It provides specific instructions on how to make a Pneumatic Crane, using easy methods.
I purchased some large 150ml syringes from AliExpress - these large syringe are great for the Kindergarten and Year 1. I purchased some 8mm x 5m plastic tubing from Bunnings to go over the tip.
Then purchased smaller syringe with the full STEM kit for older grades to experiment with.
The younger classes used the mechanism to begin a marble run, start a car rolling down an inclined plane, automatic banana eating machine.
Older classes designed and built their own hydraulic/pneumatic machines.
They all marvelled at the effect of compressed air and water.
Hydraulics of course uses compressed water and Pneumatics uses compressed air. If you have kiddos who think squirting each other is fun the Pneumatics with just air is just as effective.


Without Geography you’re NOWHERE !

I've been having a great time with Excel and the Charting option. We research populations in 5 countries and typed them into Google sheets(this is one you share, make a copy for yourself) or Excel. Then choose Chart and Maps. Use the Chart Editor (acess via the 3 dots) to customize and make the changes you would like.
You can research populations and many other statistics at DATA World Bank This data can be downloaded as csv, xml or Excel files.
Check out the Virtual Teacher Geography page - find out about the most DANGEROUS place on earth. Check out the world population, World Odometers, visual representation of the earth's 8 million people, Google Earth, fascinating visuals and other amazing resources.

DOWNLOAD the Google Earth Challenge. With a few hints.


This is a great little FREE app. You can USE IT TO play around with lots of different accents & voices.
Kevin explains the TEXT to SPEECH feature in this app in a great video
But there is much more available on this app..........
Clipchamp is also an online video editor designed to make video creation easy. It allows you to combine your videos, images, and audio files, as well as add text and effects, and then save the finished video to your computer. The FREE version is all you need.


Here are some of our Marble Runs. Check out the videos here.The task was
To make a Marble Run.
Use recycled materials, modelling clay, cardboard, etc.
Create a marble run that uses the force of gravity.
Race 2-4 marbles down the track.
Do 5 trials.
Our extension will be to use a hydraulic mechanism to start the race.

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