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Most teachers know that explicit instruction,
linear step-by-step instruction,


It bores some, is too fast for others and it hits the mark for just a small percentage of a class. Here's my chart for that.

What do you think?

In his recent interview with Lucy Carroll
"Education boss(Murat Dizder)
calls for doubling down on explicit teaching in schools.”

Check it out here.

“ a teaching method that gives students step-by-step and
clear instructions”

Dizder also said…
“One of the reasons I believe in explicit teaching so much is because it does not discriminate.”

“I’m going to be stronger around it, and I’m looking to reinforce that practice and drive our professional learning around that.”

These comments are based on recent NAPLAN results.
When I look at the NAPLAN results, there are a lot of graphs.
Individual school results, country versus city,
indigenous vs non-indigenous, bar graphs line graphs.
Some indicate there has been NO CHANGE, others indicate
there IS a downward trend, quite confusing.
So I have decided to make a few graphs myself.
Graphs based on my observations and hypothesis.

In Truth, Explicit Teaching is Highly Inefficient.

explicitvsfree behaviour-f

This teacher-focused, skill-based, highly prescriptive process, suppresses the learning drive, creativity, innovation
and problem-solving capacity in our children.

It contributes to misbehaviour and the “I hate school” phenomenon which develops in primary school and is common in High School.

Here's my graph of that, my hypothesis; although I imagine it's quietly shared by many.

So This is What I have Observed.

Explicit vs Free Graph

kids are given the opportunity to develop and pursue
their interests,
they are able to apply their learning and have agency,
their learning will be off the charts.
It will be exponential.
Interestingly the 2 graphs look the same, and this is my hypothesis, that they are.
One leading to behaviour issues one leading to exponential learning.

The HOLY GRAIL of Education

Personalised Learnning Artificial Intelligence

Will this happen for all children, maybe not.
But I do find that the enthusiasm of some, IS contagious.
And those children who remain on a more linear path
are fewer than you would imagine.

This makes teaching so splendid and enjoyable,
no teachers will want to leave the profession
because the will love teaching.

And children will love learning for the rest of their life.
In designing and delivering learning experiences,
providing opportunities for free learning where children are totally engaged, is the HOLY GRAIL of education. 

In this state, a state of being totally engaged and learning freely, the learner continues to study or practice well past the point of instruction and learn beyond the classroom.

Is there a need for explicit teaching?


Basic skills need to develop.
BUT equally, if not more importantly, is the development of purpose, agency, thinking, curiosity and pursuit of personal interestsand passions, FROM THE VERY START.

“If we love children and we know what’s possible how can we do anything else.” Seymour Papert

Kids are fantastic learners and their amazing learning
comes from FREEDOM.

If we confine them to linear explicit learning only,



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