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by CATHY BROWN No:266 23 10 2023
And good day to everyone who reads this newsletter to get inspiration and stay up to date, with fabulous tech and teaching ideas in education.

This is Newsletter 266 and there have been a lot of changes over that time.

Here's the next one, I've changed my Newsletter header - an AI image in FIREFLY from a specific prompt - a calm happy person with lots of ideas using AI for education.

LOVED loved love working with Adobe FIREFLY and student images this week. HIGH CONCEPT, LOW HANGING FRUIT, option gfor getting started with AI and beginning the conversation. Read about our experiments below.
I made it admit a mistake, check it out here and see what we did with it. What great teaching moment!
It's not the monster everyone thinks it is. It's a child that we're raising and teaching. Unabashedly a techno optimist, ChatBots are a brilliant tool for teachers that pushes the learning way beyone what was possible in November 2022.
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Virtual Teacher is..........
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Adobe Firefly is so engaging. Generative AI for Everyone.
We experimented with TEXT TO IMAGE and great ideas kept flowing.

EASY TO USE - Low-hanging fruit for high value concepts.
My kiddos drew a self-portrait (any image would be great) on a WhiteBoard - great for K-6.
TAKE A PICTURE and upload it to Adobe Firefly to use as a reference image - use text to image.
SELECT your effect - THEME comic, anime, ART MOVEMENT pop art, art nouveau, cubism MATERIAL marble, metal, origami etc etc.
GENERATE your new image. Select the one you like best.
DOWNLOAD it and add it to anything you like.
We downloaded the images to bookcreator(slides on google would also be great)
Kiddos Used the original drawing they made
I asked for
1. Cubist Movement Effect
2. Cartoon Theme Effect
3 & 4 Your choice (5 & 6 if you have time)
Add to your BookCreator project.
Describe your initial image and the process for getting onto Adobe Firefly.
For each image describe your prompt and Effect style you used.
How does your text prompt affect the image?
What happens when you change the effects?
Do you like the results?
Which image do you prefer?
How is the AI achieving this??


I used Text Effects in Adobe FireFly to make a WOW word with icecream fill, of course!
Use any fill you can think of!
Metallic. Moss. Peacock feathers. Pizza. You can put it all into words with Text Effects in Adobe Firefly. Enter prompts and play with styles to generate expressive words that pop with meaning.
When you go to the TEXT EFFECT PAGE some splendid letters will appear(if they don't just check out the samples)
BROWSE the gallery of single letters for inspiration. Click on them to see the prompts used.

USE the prompts to try out your own words. What a great way to do a spelling lists!!!
Experiment, Imagine, and Make an Infinite Range of Creations
1. MAKE UP a sentence and type it in as a prompt for one of your spelling words.

2. DESCRIBE the letter and discuss whether the letter fill reinforces the concept.

FOR INSTANCE the letter P is covered here in popcorn.
A great idea because popcorn starts with
p and has another P in it as well.
What a way to go with words
Did it work?
Does the image on the text match the
intent of the word?

3. DOWNLOAD to your computer.
Upload to Google drive folder with student access.
or Air drop from iPad
1. MAKE a class book for Kindi

2. INDIVIDUAL books for S1-S3

3. PREPARE prompts for your words with adjectives in present tense + a noun.



Google's Teachable Machine is a magical ML Tool.
This SPLENDID tool lets you train a computer to recognize your own images, sounds, and even poses.
NO CODING is required! You can use it for classifying images, sounds, or even body positions.
The possibilities are endless!
In this video I trained the machine to recognise 2D shapes.
Kindergarteners also trained the model to recognise 2D shapes and had loads of fun and loads of learning.
Step 1
Collect images Using the Webcam - class 1
Collect images Using the Webcam - class 2
Add additional classes as you wish

Step 2
Training your model - just press Train Model

Step 3
Full project
What can go wrong?
Is the model always correct?
And most importantly, how can we improve the results?
A great way to introduce Machine Learning and AI to Students.
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