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Ramsey Musallam

Ramsay Musallam

Ramsey Musallam: Curiosity Comes First Watch this video 6.3min
Rule Number 1 Curiosity comes first
Rule Number 2 Embrace the mess
Rule Number 3 Practice Reflection

The intersection between technology, art and science etc is curiosity and wonder because it drives us to explore.
When you’re curious YOU ask smART questions and finding out the answers to those questions is the best feeling.


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Learning to ask SMART questions is a SKILL honed through practice, enthusiasm and passion. And is perfectly targeted to individual students. Student level of understanding will be reflected in the questions they ask.
GREAT QUESTIONS Spark our curiosity and sense of wonder
They derive from some deep wish to understand

to essential questions cannot be found. They MUST BE INVENTED



A Computational Knowledge Search Engine
See what amazing results you get when you try typing in your first name - you will love it. Type in Shakespeare. Agriculture. What about our question "possibility of life on other planets"
You could buy a guinea pig or a chicken. Which might live the longest?
chicken vs guinea pig maximum lifespan =
Running season is here! How many calories will you burn if you run a marathon?
calories burned running a marathon =
Which art museum would you go to if you wanted to see Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory? where is the persistence of memory =
How many words can you name that start with “triv”? words starting with triv =
Check out the general examples page to get some ideas.
Check out the Wolfram Alpha Lessons plans



Where to ask SMART Questions
Google should be your best friend. If you learn to search properly and you are willing to spend time exploring it can teach you more than any text book - you can call it google equality. 

Other great places to ask SMART questions can be found on Virtual Teacher Library

Students need experience with a bundle of these so they have goto places for their adventures. I recommend they gain familiarity with a number of these resources.


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Taming the Beast - Plan of Attack
We need to teach students: -
How to get interested, how to make a decision, how to plan an answer to an assignment and how to ask great questions.
How to be self-directed, how to work strategically, how to work collaboratively, how to collect and gather relevant information, how to assess their work, and finally how to broadcast ideas to an appropriate audience.
So how do you do it?
With this Plan of Attack - Download it Here.


ted ed

Subscribe to TEDEd as well
Resources are Fabulous Ideal for the flipped classroom.
Students can engage at various levels.
Rewatch the video as many times as they like. Log in and comment. Attempt the extension activities
The range of topics is amazing here’s one I loved.
How you (or your students) can use stop-motion animation in your classroom
Check out the Stop Motion FREE app on Virtual Teacher

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