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by CATHY BROWN No:249 06 01 2022
Hello Everyone,
Happy New Year to you all. Here's hoping 2022 will be less sticky. I seem to have been stuck at home, in queues, in my local govenment area enough.
Below are some ways to get unstuck. Teaching more with a great deal of integration and a lot more fun. Kids learn quicker and the learning sticks when they are enjoying themselves. Kids learn faster so you can relax and enjoy the teaching and learning more.
One of the biggest problems with school is it teaches kids to assume that fun things are trivial and important things are boring.
David Perell
Here's a recent tweet from Richard Feynman you might enjoy.
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Films are Stories of course! So there is no trouble here.
We are all familiar with the elements of a written story – a narrative.
So, how CAN the elements of a Narrative be interpreted through Film?
The author, through the narrative, gives WRITTEN descriptions of the story.
To translate this into film, the filmmaker takes the narrative and translates it into FILM LANGUAGE, this requires a knowledge of basic storytelling techniques/devices used film.
The Filmmaker visualises all aspects of the film and decides how best to represent the author’s intention.
The Filmmaker TRANSLATES the WRITTEN narrative into the VISUAL narrative.
Here are some ideas to get you started, in no particular order:
Setting – Extreme Wide Shot - EWS Through an EWS we can establish the location, time of day, culture, climate and much more.
Character/s Wide Shot - WS to establish the physical characteristics and
Close-ups - CU can be used for Emotions.
Plot – Is propelled by using camera moves such as tracking, panning and tilting, and later by editing to match the pace of the story.
Conflict – This is enhanced by quick action shots, steadicam, and fast-paced cutting in the editing room.
Point of View – POV Is provided by the camera angle and position. The point of view POV, can be seen through the eyes of one of the characters, or omnipresent from all points of view.
We could also add
Mood – Which is supported by the music and SFX. It might be epic, calming, active, uplifting, energetic, sad, melancholy, humorous, suspenseful, dark, or pensive etc.
And of course “ban the boring” as they say in The Seven Steps of Writing
In the words attributed to the master filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock
“Drama is real life with the dull bits cut out”.
And this is the job of a good editor.
TIP check out the Visual Literacy and Making Movies pages on Virtual Teacher


This is a great book and just the ticket for some fun reading and discussions about these amazing machines.
The first paragraph of chapter 1 reads as follows:-
The boy's desparate shout cut through the morning calm, sending all the local dogs into a frenzy. He'd been standing outside 7483 Berkeley Street, his best friend's house, for roughly forty seconds. But for an anxious kid like him, that was half a minute too long. It was the first day of school, and if they didn't get their rears in gear, they were going to be late.
I bet you're intrigued.
Check out the Rube Goldberg info on the Virtual Teacher Science page. There are a lot of fabulous links to inventive RUBE GOLDBERG Machines,
including the Chicargo Band OK Go, who build an enormous RUBE GOLDBERG Machine.
A Rube Goldberg machine, named after American cartoonist Rube Goldberg, is a chain reaction-type machine or contraption intentionally designed to perform a simple task in an indirect and overly complicated way.
The SPLENDID thing about these Machines is they are made with the 6 SIMPLE MACHINES. Wedges, screws, pulleys, incline planes, levers and wheel and axle.
Read the book, Literacy, discuss the Machines, Science, make the machines, STEM, and have a lot of FUN doing it.
How do you start:- Check out the Virtual Teacher YouTube video. The magic here is that it can be done at school or if the kiddos have to stay at home.
Let me know what you think. Send me in some videos of your fabulous Machines.


Check out some of the STEM Tutorial Playlist videos on the Virtual Teacher Youtube Channel. these have been AMAZING during LOCKDOWN. Work can be set with Casual staff using them and also done at home by thw whole family.
Lately we have been loving doing KAHOOTS! Setting the challanges so kiddos can work on them at home. And also using them as part of a zoom meeting. Start with the FREE version so you can get the feel of it. Here's my HOWTO Video on how to make a KAHOOT!. Simple easy and straight to the point. You will need to setup an account first.
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