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Poetry is literature that evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience or a specific emotional response through language chosen and arranged for its meaning, sound, and rhythm. Howard Nemerov


SARAH KAY: If I should have a daughter ...
Great poem for 12-18 year olds. Also about Spoken word poetry or Poetry Slams. A great way to encourage poetry writing and performance. Use it educate entertain and inspire. Help students rediscover wonder.


TEDxAldeburgh - Akala - Hip-Hop & Shakespeare?
Akala demonstrates and explores the connections between Shakespeare and Hip-Hop, and the wider cultural debate around language and it's power.


EXPLORatorium aims to spread the effects of poems in the social and individual life of people. Famous poems, quotations and new submissions great resource.



The Muppet Show - Jabberwocky - Lewis Carrol The Muppets act out Lewis Carroll's classic Jabberwocky.

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