Virtual Teacher Newsletter  No. 54  July 27th 2002 – GRACIOUSNESS




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1. Welcome

2. Mind Candy

3. WWWinfo

4. New Printables -  Egyptian Treasure Hunt

5. Technical Stuff - Jaguar

6. Web Site Focus – Commonwealth Games

7. Word Picture Edit Tool

8. Great Sites

9.  Readers' Requests/Comments

10 Next Issue

11. Code of 'Netizens'

12. Tips


1. WELCOME EVERYONE. During the holidays my children

were bitten by the golfing bug.  It was fantastic fun, I seemed

to be regaling them constantly with a litany of instructions:-

be patient, be considerate, wait your turn, the usual list.  I found

myself thinking about the one word that covered the lot, applies to golf,

and a lot of other things as well - Graciousness.  Something that

has perhaps been lost or at least misplaced in this current-RUSH to

do as many things as possible in the shortest possible time,

world we live in.  Graciousness - even to say the word, forces you

to take it more slowly.  It is going to be my new word for term 3.

I love it - be gracious, covers everything really. And if the students

get really good at it - Why then it will be - Good Graciousness.



Dale Spender Computer Strategy

"The raw material of today's global community is intellectuality

and creativity, which is why everyone needs a computer, an ISP,

a national information infrastructure, and a support system.

The government who buys every member of society a computer

is sure to get a great deal, and an excellent customer service

agreement. Not to mention a head start in the global economy."



Time is elusive, lunchtime doubly so.

Douglas Adams – Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy


It is not enough to learn what is already known.

In fact, these students have been made aware that to survive in

the new knowledge economy, they must know how to make knowledge

products. For in order to sell your knowledge – your Intellectual Property

- you need to come up with new ideas, solutions and know-how.


To err is human - and to blame it on a computer is even more so.

Robert Orben


"We must welcome the future, remembering that soon it will be

the past, and we must respect the past, remembering trial once it

was all that was humanly possible." 

Philosopher Santayana


Never trust a computer you can't throw out a window.

Steve Wozniak


I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.

Isaac Asimov


Computers are magnificent tools for the realization of our dreams,

but no machine can replace the human spark of spirit, compassion,

love, and understanding.

Louis Gerstner


3. WWWinfo

Free online Translators


4. NEW PRINTABLES - Treasure Hunt

Can you do it can you take on this challenge and complete the

questions in 1 hour, less than an hour, how web savvy are you?

Time yourself and see how swift you really are.

Join the Egyptian Treasure Hunt.  Answer the questions, work

in groups, practice typing in URLS or use them live from a word document.





Mac OS 10.2

No OS is an island. Or, at least, shouldn’t be.                                                             


As a result of our persistent adherence to industry standards,                                            

Mac OS X v10.2 lets you share files easily with Windows and

UNIX colleagues; browse Windows file servers, right from the

Finder; and remotely connect to the corporate network via the

PPPT-based VPN client in Mac OS X v10.2. What’s more,                                        

thanks to Personal File Services in Mac OS X v10.2, Windows users can 

connect to, and share files with, computers running Jaguar as easily       

as they can with other computers running Windows.

Maybe even more easily. Check it out at:-                                           


Buying a new computer, Grays online is an interesting site with

loads of new/used computers

You can certainly get a deal here especially when there is quantity

for sale.

Cathy's Tips

1. Check new prices and place a bid in for one third to one half

the listed new price - if you you get lucky your a winner.

2. Some really cheap things can be picked up just before an

auction closes -if you have the time bid in the last 10mins of an

auction, and you could get even luckier.

3. WATCH Out for excessive delivery charges which will be added

on to your buy price(see number 1.) these are ususally listed.

4. Remember a buyer's premium is added to all auction prices, at

Grays this is 11%, so don't forget to factor.


Not really related to education, but quite interesting . 'free' Internet TV

GoTrek Internet TV Goes Live with 8 Content Channels 12-Jul


The New E-Mac from Mac looks wonderful.  I had a play with

one at the adobe seminars on Wednesday. They're just fantastic value.

17" screen



40 gig hardrive

DVD/CD player CDRW as well

And amazingly only $2,300

If ever you wanted to upgrade - this is the computer to choose.

Check it out at


Great online instruction resources on using the internet from Sofweb


Seminars and Conferences from The SchoolDaily

9th National Conference of the Australian Association for the

Education of the Gifted and Talented

Date : Sunday, 20 October 2002

Venue : Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia


15th Biennial World Conference for Gifted Education

Date : Friday, 01 August 2003

Venue : Convention  Centre, Adelaide, Australia


VETnetwork Australia National Conference 2002 –

'Enterprising People and Partnerships: vocational education

and careers for a changing world'

Date : Wednesday, 23 October 2002

Venue : Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia


Our Children of the Future 3

Date : Thursday, 01 May 2003

Venue : Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, Australia


6. WEBSITE FOCUS – Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games Webquest - webquest for term 3 prepared

by Greg from Brighton Public school

Check out his other webquests as well



7. USING THE PICTURE EDIT TOOL   in word helps work flow.

1. Insert a picture from  file.

2. Goto ‘view’ menu, got ‘toolbars’, select ‘picture’.

3. Select picture in word document.

4. Using the picture menu you can:

All these options are available from the Picture edit palette.

This means you don’t need to use a different program to edit your

pictures.  Saves a great deal of time, and simplifies the procedure

especially for children or beginners.

Happy editing.




How cool is this site. Fantastic.  The instruments actually play.

Each instrument from each orchestral group is represented. This is

The next best thing to froguts.

San Francisco Symphony Kids' Site

Visit this website for a refresher course on The Instruments of the

Orchestra and or an introduction to reading music in Meet the Notes.

Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School


Great   - gigafloppingly brilliant

Great Buildings is a huge database of information about architects and

their buildings. 800+ Buildings are featured from 40 countries. There

aren't images of every building, but many buildings shown have multiple

views. Virtual Reality (VR) versions of some building are available,

although you need to download a free software package for viewing VR.

Middle School, High School, College, Adult/Professional



Braillebug  - another corker

The American Foundation for the Blind created an age appropriate site

for students to learn out braille. Under games, students can see what

their name looks like in braille, or figure out words with a braille

alphabet close by. Students can also change the colors on this website

to make it easier to read (have students who are designing their own

pages learn about accessibility).

Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, High School,


Renaissance Secrets

A joint offering of the BBC and Open University, this website explores

four mysteries from a historian's point of view. Although built to

support a television series on the BBC, teachers can use this site to

explore conspiracy, medicine and inventions in Renaissance Europe. Use

this site to trigger a discussion of overlooked careers and standards in

historical research.


Ideas for creating webpages

Check out Teacherweb, ideas and samples.


Your Genes, Your Health: A Multimedia Guide to Genetic Disorders

This site has a wonderful animated explanation of the causes of Sickle

Cell Disease. For other disorders, such as Cystic Fibrosis, Hemophelia,

Neurofibromatosis, and Huntington Disease, there are areas where

patients talk about the consequences of having the disorder, treatments

and tests.

Middle School, High School, College, Adult/Professional


Here’s a good site for environment theme info




Re:Help: I am a first year teacher who needs to teach a unit of work

on Rainforest to  grade 5 students. As I am also the grade computer

teacher, I would like to integrate the Rainforest theme into my computer

lessons as well as teaching it as a HSIE

lessons. Can anybody help???

Thanks Wade


Here is another highly recommended HSIE website for Stage 3


It's part of a great site. Check it out if you have time!

Regards Terrie

Love your site. Look forward to it every month. Spend hours

checking it out. Thanks!!


Dear Cathy,

I found your last newsletter particularly useful although I already knew

about froguts. I was able to add many links to my own site.

I also downloaded your Microsoft Word Instructions PDF as I am also doing a

PDF doc on that very topic, but damn, I had just deleted Acrobat 3 in order

to install Acrobat 4 full version and haven't finished doing that yet.

Will read this one with interest when I have a reader again.


Jenny Campbell

Teacher librarian/

web page designer


Hi Cathy

I wanted to bring to your attention our Australian software product,

Max's Sandbox, which is designed to allow children in the 3-8 year

age range to be able to use Microsoft Office effectively.   Max's

Sandbox is a childhood interface to three Microsoft Office products,

PowerPoint, Word and Excel. 

Max's Sandbox provides:

        MaxWrite - the interface to Word

        MaxShow - the interface to PowerPoint

        MaxCount - the interface to Excel


Currently, Max's Sandbox is being used South Australian Government

primary schools and kindergartens, as well as in Scotland and several

schools in the US.


I see quite some affinity between the Virtual Teacher & Max's Sandbox, 

and would like to make some suggestions about 'working together':


Online Games

Our own website has some online games that

your teachers are more than welcome to use

Naughts & cross games

'Create-a-scene' - a simple drag & drop illustration tool

An online quiz

'Match the states' - a simple drag & drop exercise to match Australian

state boundaries, floral emblems & capital name


Free Downloads

Teacher can download a 30 day free fully functional evaluation of

Max's Sandbox

Teacher Resources

Shortly we will have lesson plans & activities for teachers to

download & use with Max's Sandbox including -

Maxophone  - Turn PowerPoint/MaxShow into a musical instrument  

Getting to school - Use PowerPoint/MaxShow as an adventure map

We are also very interested in receiving other lesson plans and

ideas for our development team to add into Max's Sandbox


I'd love to hear from you, to see how we might be able to

work together


Peter Cornish


I am a teacher in Australia. I am wondering if you

could be able to give me site for curriculum and term

planners. Thankyou.


There are some templates on my sites at:-

ciao  cathy


Dear Cathy

Thanks so much for the site - the information about sites has been

really valuable in this my 1st year in teaching.  Now I need even

more sites as I have to develop a geography scheme of work for

my primary school.  Has anyone got any great websites they can

share?  Thanks again



Hi Denise,

I have just addded 2 excellent sites to my geography link page –

they are fantastic.


Hi Cathy, I've been receiving your newsletter for some time

now and I must say 'congratulations'... it's fabulous.


Lana Read


10.  NEXT ISSUE  I will look at Letter writing tips, and maths Circus 3. 

Anyone with any great ideas send them along, love them

Ciao Cathy

- - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

11. Code of the 'Netizens'

This Newsletter is not free, despite the misleading advertising

above. The Fee is now due. Each week you must help one

colleague on the Internet who has less knowledge than you.

Help that person even if you have to visit their classroom or

do a little research and get back to them. Trust me, this will

help a lot of people get their computer classrooms running better.

OK I'm trusting you!!!


12. TIPS

1. Double click on highlighted URLS to open in browser.

2. Send in your Questions, Questions will be published with

Answers, send in your Answers, if you have expertise to share.

3. Nominate a brilliant site for review and inclusion in this


4. Nominate a fantastic school site for review and inclusion in

this newsletter.

5. Make contact with other schools using fantastic programs.

6. Prepare and innovative article for this newsletter.

7. Tell 2 colleagues about this newsletter.


The opinions expressed here are purely those of the editor,

Cathy Brown. All other small print clauses apply. Such as:

Use at your  own risk. Nothing in life is guaranteed. If it doesn't

work for you send me an email.

Editor: cathy brown


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