Geography Country Information regioal and world rangings. - Great site - easy to navigate.

Geography IQ - just when you think you've found the definitive geography site another one comes along that is also fantastic. Take a look at geography IQ. this site includes a currency converter as well. Facts and Figures about each country, easy to navigate. this site also includes country rankings- top 25 - in almost anything you can imagine.

Atlapedia is a great site with easy navigating to most countries.
Cultural Connections this is a fantastic site about countries of the world. It includes, recipes, people, animals, architecture, maps, etc.(out of action til 2003)
More maps
Try the super quiz if your game
Know your world map and help the Alienz

World Map Quiz
South East Asia Country Quiz

This is a fantastic site for everything. Encyclopedias, search engines and maps.

Mapping Activity in Microsift Word - instructions, and sample