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1. Welcome
2. Mind Candy
3. Jenny Lewis and Schoolmate
4. New Printables - 3D shapes
5. Technical Stuff - Kournikova Virus
6. Just in Time for Easter
7. Project Based learning
8. Great Sites
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1. WELCOME EVERYONE. I finally feel like Virtual Teacher has
found a good home and will be reliably delivered from now on.
Thanks for your patience. Let me know if you receive duplicate
newsletters or have any problems over the next few months.
I am running a number of inservice courses this year at
schools on just about any topic you like. Download the
pdf file from here if you are interested:-
I met and interviewed a wonderful lady just recently, Jenny
Lewis Principal of Noumea Public School, in conjunction with
a software developer, she has produced a fabulous database
program for use in schools and is leading the charge in
computer based learning and getting real results. Read
about her further on. Have a great fortnight, I will email you
again then, promise.
Often the difference between a successful person and a
failure is not one's better abilities or ideas, but the courage that
one has to bet on one's ideas, to take a calculated
risk--and to act. -- Maxwell Maltz
Because education is an interactive, social process. Ideas are
connected to the people who construct them, who value them,
who use them, who preserve them, and who share them.
These people together constitute a community of learning.
(Margaret Reil)
" Once children learn how to learn, nothing is going to
narrow their mind. The essence of teaching is to make
learning contagious, To have one idea spark another."
--- Marva Collins
Pig Latin has been around forever. Brush up on it and
teach it to your kids. The key is speed.

What you do:
Take off the first consonant sound of a word and add
"ay" to it. (rhymes with "hay") then stick it on the
end of the word. For instance,
"hello" becomes "ellohay" If your words starts with
a vowel, just add "hay" to the end.

Dog... ogday
Cat... atcay
Phone... ownphay
Pudding.. uddingpay
Roger... ogeray
bedtime... edtimebay
apple... applehay
egg... egghay
red... edray

Here is a sentence to practice.
"Hi, do you want to come over to my house to play checkers?

Ihay, ooday ooyay antway ootay omecay overhay ootay eyemay ousehay
ootay ayplay eckerschay?
Keep practicing, you'll get it.
3. JENNY LEWIS, Noumea and Schoolmate
I had a fantastic experience interviewing Jenny Lewis
Principal of Noumea Public School just recently. Here's Jenny's bio
Read about some of her ideas at this site:-
(just scroll down til you find Jenny's name)
In a nutshell Jenny has used a comprehensive database
system to link curriculum outcomes and indicators to computer
usage. The database allows for the collection of data using
simple checklists, based on curriculum indicators. This then
builds toward a student report. The database can incorporate
all tests, student welfare, student details, teacher's notes,
student comments etc. And also provides a report for parents
with details of curriculum indicators and their child's
performance as measured against the state standard
(or anything else you like). The teacher can use this
resource to program to meet specific children's needs by
selecting the curriculum indicators to include in their teaching
program. This information is then transferred by the program,
into Microsoft word, children are grouped into ability levels,
indicators and outcomes are already in place and the
teacher then types in the activity - and prints out the
weeks/months program.

The database also provides teacher inservicing offering
click to ideas on assessment for individual indicators and
definitions and explanations of curriculum terminology.
The collected information gives teachers detailed
information about pupils when they first take over a
class. It covers accountability like a dream.

There is much more to this program than mentioned
above and it is definitely worth a look, A trial version($50.00)
is available from Black Duck Software:-
Graham Reay

Keep your eye out for a complete article about Jenny in
classroom Magazine - coming up soon.
You'll love this wonderful 3D shape lesson using the
indomitable Microsoft Word. What can't you do with this
Make sure your virus scan is updated
Kournikova Virus Suspect May Have Job, Says Mayor
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A Dutch mayor wants to offer a
job to the self-proclaimed maker of the ``Anna Kournikova
(news - web sites)'' computer virus, domestic news agency
ANP reported on Saturday. The 20-year-old man, who
allegedly posted a letter on the Internet saying he created
the virus, was arrested last week in the northern town of
Sneek after turning himself in.
`This is clearly a capable young man,'' ANP quoted the mayor
of Sneek as saying. ``We can use people like him in our
computer department.'' The virus, disguised as a digital
photo of the Russian tennis star, e-mailed itself around
the world. It slowed electronic mail systems and caused
some servers to be shut down. The man has gone to
ground since police released him on Wednesday pending
a court appearance, but the mayor said he would invite
him for a ``serious interview'' if he contacted the town council,
ANP said.
`First he'll have to finish his studies, of course.'
Go figure.
Goto the How Stuff works site and search for Easter' , this site
offers lots of info suitable for upper primary and High School
Make a marshmallow Bunny at
Sitting Hen
Easter Word Puzzles
Pokemon Easter Egg Holders - do you believe it???
The children will love it!!!!
Try the Paper Bag Bunnies or the Amazing Transparent Easter
Eggs on this Page - to a happy tune of the Easter Hat Parade
or turn the sound off)
Here's a Few Links to Easter Stories, both religious and traditional
More Stories and Poems for Easter - including some excellent
Christian Easter Downloads
Scrambled Eggs Anyone - shockwave game You will really love this one.
Have you heard about it - it's the latest buzz about the place.
In project-based learning, students investigate solutions to
real-world problems. Working in teams, they use knowledge
from several disciplines to develop realistic products,
multimedia presentations can often be the culminating project.
Does sound like something we have already been doing
- but worded slightly differently, so get your rewording
ready and check out some of the sites.
Assessing Project Based leaning
News Online at Sceggs

Captain Cook voyages of Discovery
More Free Colouring Pages for Kids
Edna's Online Federation Resources for Schools
a resource to assist teachers understand and teach the
ideas and principles behind packaging.
PAC-IT was launched on the 31st of August 2000, in Auckland.
PAC-IT has all the elements to assist teachers in creating
stimulating and relevant lessons about packaging.
PAC-IT is aimed at teachers of years 1-10 who are intending
to use, or are using, projects in packaging in their programme.
It is not intended as a student resource.
Antarctica: A Resource for Teachers and Students Baseline
information about Antarctica and New Zealand's involvement
in Antarctic research with graphics supplied by Hedgehog
house. Two interactive study units (on Antarctic weather
and ozone depletion) are intended for years 7 to 11.
The Australian Education Channel
ICT scope and sequence
I just would like to say, that your Virtual Teacher links have been very
useful for educators and students.
I do have a link that has just been updated that you might
want to use..
These teaching ideas and links are for educators and
student wanting to integrating Baseball into Math and Science.
Bruce Frank
Educational Policy & Program Team
Cathy, I am a primary school teacher and my Year 3/4
class attends technology classes with our techno teacher three
time a week. Do u have any programming ideas that would
incorporate classroom time with techno time?
Regards Chris
Yes of course - if you look on the VT site you will see a number of teacher tools
that may help. I can't think of one lesson in which computers aren't relevant.
Currently I have been working in the art area and using
Kid Pic to draw great art works, and also resource pictures on the net,
as well as histories and info about the artists. The latest printable
incorporates 3D shapes and maths, others there incorporate spelling,
graphing etc. I am currently doing fractions using pie graphs and proving
the formula for triangles. Stay tuned all will be revealed fortnightly through VT.

I am interested in computer training for age group 10 and up.
I teach computer enrichment classes at a community center
Fawn Alexander
Any computer activity is an enrichment activity. Computer activities are all open ended
by their nature. Read the above reply, let your imaginations run wild,
download some of the printables off the VT page, and read the reply above.

Dear Cathy
I'm from Pakistan and we need some help. I've seen you providing
solutions to a number of people and hope you can help me too.
We are re-evaluating the writing techniques we are using in our
school and would like your help with telling us what are the correct
number of lines that a child should write on. For example our
Nursery children learn alphabets - please remember our children
come to school very young 3 and 1/2 years. Should they be
provided with lines? or given a blank page to write on? We are
using the Ginn series, USA, from the KG level and their
workbooks have three lines for the students to write on, some
workbooks we've seen have four lines It is quite confusing!
Do try and help
Nusrat Karamali
P.S. I am subscribed to your newsletter and hence thought I'd
ask you
Dear Nusrat,
Children of 3 1/2 are very young, but still would be of mixed abilities.
I would give them blank paper to write on initially, working with children
of this age with large sheets of paper is excellent. As the writing improves,
and children begin to write more accurately lines can be introduced.
Some children need a lot of practice with big sheets of paper before
they are ready to progress. I like to use large scrap books with no
lines as a next step. Has anyone any other advice?

Dear Cathy,
I thought you and your readers might enjoy our new site, It is an indispensable resource for
teachers and students studying current events and other
social studies topics. Below is a brief description of the site. ( is an
educational guide to the best U.S. and international news
resources on the Web. From one spot, this free news
resource provides easy access to the latest headlines
and the best newspaper sections, magazines, television s
hows, radio programs and online news sources by topic
or region. From the politics section to the weather
forecast, makes it easy to integrate
news about geography, history, civics, economics,
cultures, science, language arts and more into the classroom.
I hope you'll explore and consider
reviewing it in your newsletter. If you have any questions
or suggestions for, please let me know.
We would enjoy hearing from you.
Best Wishes,
Cara Flesher
StartSpot Mediaworks, Inc.

Hi Cathy,
Good to meet with you today. Please find some links
that we discussed. ICT Course through UWS:
Qunadry - Half Baked Software:
Oz Teachers Listserve: (excellent)
Have a great weekend!
Hi Cathy,
I wonder if your subscribers know of how my students
can complete a geography project. They are to choose
a name and find as many places in the world with that name
as they can. Many of them chose their own first or
last names and are now stymied. I also would like to
know what reference lists odd little names of towns in
Wales, Scotland, Italy, etc. The kids would really enjoy
some of them.
Thanks for your excellent resources,
Can anyone help with this??????

Dear Cathy,
I just thought I'd take the time to introduce you to our
network of schoolsites for teachers. Presently our
most popular is which
contains over 500 free certificates for teachers to
print and download from the web. I'm trying to get the
word out to Australian schools and teachers about this
resource which I recently built.
I hope you enjoy it :-)
Brad Hauck
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Your complete Computer Education
10. Next Issue - I will be looking at great web resources in
art, and teaching art using the internet and with computers.
Send along you great ideas.
11. Code of the 'Netizens'
This Newsletter is not free, despite the misleading advertising
above. The Fee is now due. Each week you must help one
colleague on the Internet who has less knowledge than you.
Help that person even if you have to visit their classroom or
do a little research and get back to them. Trust me, this will
help a lot of people get their computer classrooms running better.
OK I'm trusting you!!!
12. TIPS
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2. Send in your Questions, Questions will be published with
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3. Nominate a brilliant site for review and inclusion in this
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5. Make contact with other schools using fantastic programs.
6. Prepare and innovative article for this newsletter.
7. Tell 2 colleagues about this newsletter.
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