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1. Welcome
2. Mind Candy
3. Lessons on Computing
4. New Printables
5. Technical Stuff - Digital TV and Its Effects on Education
6. Government and Democracy
7. First Aid - St John's Ambulance
8. Great sites to check out
9. Reader's Comments
10 Reader's Requests
11 Next Issue
12. Code of 'Netizens'
13. Tips
1. Welcome back, everyone who was on holidays. I had a great time, the children went away for 7 days on a Sport and Recreation camp at Narrabeen, Sydney and had a fabulous time. And I had a great time without them. On their return I had a fantastic time with them - going to lunch, the theatre, to 'Reverse Garbage', the beach - seems like quite a paradox really, a good time with them and a good time without them, just goes to show you can't explain everything. Thanks for the response on the poem - I loved Sandy's response - Teach as if ... you have a wonderful secret to be shared! The computer lessons from Tasmania are worth a look, and the St John's Ambulance site is an excellent site for both students and Educators. Before you go to the site I suggest you turn the volume up on your computer - my little joke. Please send in any questions great ideas or thoughts you have. Have a great fortnight.
2. Mind Candy
This is mad, do it properly, no cheating
Count the number of 'F's in the following text


Managed it? Scroll down only after you have counted them!
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
How many? Three?

Wrong, there are six - no joke!
Read again! The reasoning is further down.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
The brain cannot process "OF". Incredible or what? Anyone
who counts all six 'F' on the first go is a genius, three is
Comedy On Tap
comedyontap-subscribe@egroups.com comedyontap-subscribe@egroups.com
Learning is not compulsory. Neither is survival.
-- W.Edwards Deming
NOTE: In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is a great deal of difference.
"When facing a difficult task, act as if it is impossible to fail ....
When going after Moby Dick, bring along the tartar sauce" anon.
This quote was from the Intro page of 21stNetwork -they offer computer literacy courses online.
1. Download a piece of Web authoring software ~ 20 minutes.
2. Think about what you want to write on your Web page ~ 6
3. Download the same piece of Web authoring software,
because they have released 3 new versions since the first
time you downloaded it ~ 20 minutes.
4. Decide to just steal some images and awards to put on
your site ~ 1 minute.
5. Visit sites to find images and awards, find 5 of them
that you like ~ 4 days.
6. Run setup of your Web authoring software. After it fails,
download it again ~ 25 minutes.
7. Run setup again, boot the software, click all toolbar
buttons to see what they do ~ 15 minutes.
8. View the source of others' pages, steal some, change a
few words here and there ~ 4 hours.
9. Preview your Web page using the Web Authoring software ~
1 minute.
10. Try to horizontally line up two related images ~ 6
11. Remove one of the images ~ 10 seconds.
12. Set the text's font color to the same color as your
background, wonder why all your text is gone ~ 4 hours.
13. Download a counter from your ISP ~ 4 minutes.
14. Try to figure out why your counter reads "You are
visitor number 16.3 E10" ~ 3 hours.
15. Put 4 blank lines between two lines of text ~ 8 hours.
16. Fine-tune the text, then prepare to load your Web page
on your ISP ~ 40 minutes.
17. Accidentally delete your complete web page ~ 1 second.
18. Recreate your web page ~ 2 days.
19. Try to figure out how to load your Web page onto your
ISP's server ~ 3 weeks.
20. Call a patient friend to find out about FTP ~ 30
21. Download FTP software ~ 10 minutes.
22. Call your friend again ~ 15 minutes.
23. Upload your web page to your ISP's server ~ 10 minutes.
24. Connect to your site on the web ~ 1 minute.
25. Repeat any and all of the previous steps ~ eternity
Courtesy of 'clean laffs'
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
were camping one night. As
they lay down Holmes said: "Watson, look up into the sky and
tell me what you see."

Watson said "I see millions and millions of stars."

Holmes: "And what does that tell you?"

Watson: "Astronomically, it tells me that there are millions
of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Theologically,
it tells me that God is great and that we are insignificant.
Meteorologically, it tells me that we will have a beautiful
day tomorrow. What does it tell you?"

Holmes: "Somebody stole our tent."
3. Lessons on Using Computer Programs from Tasmania
Six Steps to Using Frontpage
Kidz Pics
Microsoft Publisher
Glenys McKay
SEO Educational Computing
4. Here's a new printable for Word '98 /2000 practise. Using more glamorous words in your writing.
The pdf includes a sample as well on page 2 - don't miss it.
Here's another one you may like to put it in your classroom:-
5. Technical Stuff
How will Digital Television affect education? A number of scenarios are outline including a scenario for homeschoolers. I believe it will open up some amazing possibilities, and with more integration with the Internet will become a valuable teaching resource. Let me know what you think about this.
6. Government and Democracy
Several Readers have requested information on government and
Democracy sites, can you help?
Go to government, under social studies, for many links.
7. First Aid - St John's Ambulance
Everyone at schools needs to have knowledge of First Aid.
The WA St John's Ambulance page gives a complete rundown of simple first aid, it is concise and efficient in its presentation. It provides an excellent resource for care in emergency situations. Download it and print it out.
It provides a good resource for students as well as teachers, and gives simple information on the respiratory tract and circulatory system. The simple quiz at the end is well worth a look. Also you can purchase online a variety of first aid kits. Well done St John -
Great site Love the sound effects.
8. Great Sites to Check Out
Check out the National Geographic Map Machine Facts and Flags for 191 countries.
9. Readers Comments
Teach like the children are your own.
Don Redgwell - Teacher/Librarian
E-mail - dredgwel@sd22.bc.ca
School Website: http://www.sd22.bc.ca/silverstar
Netsearch Page: http://www.sd22.bc.ca/redgie/netsearch.html
This was such a good websearch page that I've added it as a click to from the Virtual Teacher site, if this is a problem Don - let me know and I will remove it. What a great collection of Search Engines you have made here, well done.

Teach like society respects you

sorry but I'm a little cynical
John Akhurst

Teach like all the students are your own children!
I really enjoy your newsletter and have recommended that my university
students subscribe.
I need some help/advice/info about Director and its use in the classroom.
Can you help?
Barbara Shaw
University of Texas/El Paso

One of your 'subscribers' has paid their 'dues' and passed
on your terrific site - and you now have another dedicated
In response to your challenge...
Teach as if ... you have a wonderful secret to be shared!
Sandra Ellem <SEllem@lism.catholic.edu.au>
I loved this one.

Hi Cathy!
I am a ( recently reappointed) relief teacher and find it difficult to make any worthwhile contributions to 'Virtual Teacher'. However I found the 2 issues I received most enjoyable reading. I have not had any newsletters since June 9 and wonder what has happened. I do hope I can resubscribe if I have been 'lost' in the system somewhere.
Cheers and Thanks,
Olga Laurantus
Hi Olga,
You are still subscribed. All newsletters are posted on the internet site after about a week - in the archives section listed on the directory page in the centre near the top. Sorry you missed out on some newsletters, let me know if it continues to happen - I am looking into another delivery system at the moment. Here is the latest one

Dear Cathy
How do I get a copy of "More Activity Sheets - Printables"? I am
interested in a copy of "PC File Hierarchy Sheet". I enjoy Virtual Teacher
and find it a valuable resource.
Wendy Jones
Yarrilee State School
Sorry Wendy,
I didn't put a click to in the Newsletter for it, all the printables are on my website together and I add them there as I do them. So if I miss one again that's where they will be. The PC Hierarchy Printable is at
10. Readers Requests - Can you help???
I need some help/advice/info about Director and its use in the classroom.
Can you help? I need to know what age
students this program might be appropriate for and how teachers are using
it. Would also like to hear some opinions about the value of it and the
learning curve.
Barbara Shaw
University of Texas/El Paso
Hi Barbara,
Macromedia has a good set of explanatory notes tips and info at:-
This is a good place to start - if it is the right program - depending on the sophistication of your students.
I will deal with this in more depth in the next newsletter - any readers who have experience with this program please email me with your info.

Hi Cathy, I just love your newsletter. I have just been hired as a
Technology/Computer teacher for K through 8th grade in Chicopee,
Massachusetts, USA. I am very excited about the position, but I am also a
bit nervous about having a variety of things to teach the different levels of
classes. If you or anyone else have any suggestions of teacher resource
material, I would greatly appreciate it! I have found many useful ideas from
your newsletter! Also, I would like to help Lisa who is homeschooling the
preschool children by recommending a website called www.Childfun.com which
has some great ideas for preschoolers and younger school children.
Thanks again!
Kathy D.
Hi Kathy,
I think the best way to remain sane and run a computer program K-8 is to establish a limited number of programs throughout the school that everyone learns - right from admin staff to teachers to children - this way everyone can help everyone else. Generic software, which is free of any content and is used as a tool for manipulating and publishing information can used across the learning areas and allows children to control the input and the product.
My ABC in order are:-
a)1. Microsoft Office '98 or 2000(depending on your system) installed in all machines. Then for all classes conduct activities on 'Word'. For your 'K' class this can be 'write your name and draw using the circles lines and rectangles.' For Your year 8 this can be publishing work, preparing title pages, preparing a newspaper, through to any thing you like. This way you are working on only one program at a time and can offer prepared extension activities for brighter children. You can use some of my printables on the site if you like.
From here using the other programs in Office is easier because the iinterface is similar for each. One of my personal favourites is
2. Kid Pics is another great one and can be used effectively for K-8 but is also very suitable for younger children or computer newbies. Check out the instruction sites from the Tas Ed site listed above there are some great teaching ideas there.
3. Then a simple Wysiwyg web page-editing program like Frontpage or Pagemill.
From there anywhere you want to go really.
I suggest a 10 hours on each system before you move on.
B) Running alongside this I usually recommend some non-teacher directed educational games like 'Maths Blaster", "I Spy" "Reader Rabbit" etc, commercial games are best - the ones that are really great to play.
C) Once the children have become familiar with Internet Search engines and know how to use them, some general Knowledge Activities and Quizzes are a good idea to hone their research skills. I recommend an excellent book about Australian general knowledge called "OZ Quiz" ( Richard Lyon and Hilaire Lyon) each page has 20 questions on it. (available from Dominie Bookshops Australia). I'm sure such books exist in the US as well.
11. Next Issue I will look at using Power Point in the classroom, any thoughts or ideas would be great, send them in. I will also look at great Olympians - and review sites that cover this area. Australia is gearing up for the Olympics with only about 8 weeks to go so send in any sites with games or printables or great Olympic ideas. Keep those questions ideas and comments coming.
12. Code of the 'Netizens'
This Newsletter is not free, despite the misleading advertising above.
The Fee is now due. Each week you must help one colleague on the
internet who has less knowledge than you. Help that person even if
you have to visit their classroom or do a little research and get
back to them. Trust me, this will help a lot of people get their
computer classrooms running better.
OK I'm trusting you!!!
13. TIPS
1. Double click on highlighted URLS to open in browser.
2. Send in your Questions, Questions will be published with Answers,
send in your Answers, if you have expertise to share.
3. Nominate a brilliant site for review and inclusion in this newsletter.
4. Nominate a fantastic school site for review and inclusion in this
5. Make contact with other schools using fantastic programs.
6. Prepare and innovative article for this newsletter.
7. Tell 2 colleagues about this newsletter.
The opinions expressed here are purely those of the editor, Cathy
Brown. All other small print clauses apply. Such as: Use at your own
risk. Nothing in life is guaranteed. If it doesn't work for you send
me an email.
Editor: cathy brown mailto:comfilm1@optusnet.com.au
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