Teacher Tools

Instructions Technical Info

Computer Operation for MACS

Computer Operation for PCs

Microsoft Word Instructions PDF

File Hierarchy for PCs

Computer Activities

Life on Mars PowerPoint

Create Your Own Ad in Kidpix

Create Your Own Ad

Database of the Moons of Jupiter

Tessellations Using 'Paint' to make tessellations

WordArt Challenge PDF Using the Wordart tool in Microsoft Word Years 2-6

Animal Inventions Using the Drawing tools in Microsoft Word

Cliptastic Using Clipart in Microsoft Word

Empowered Editing + Virus.doc

Glamour Wordart.pdf Using Word Art in Microsoft Word - extension activity with fills and pictures.

Graphing Using Chart tool to Graph spelling results

PowerPoint Lessons 1 - 5 Starters guide to powerpoint, make a simple 6 page preentation. Suitable years 3-10

Clip Your Own Art - Use the Pain Program to make your own drawing and import it into a wrod document(Windows) Years 4-6

Newsletter Template Design your own newspaper Year 5-12

3D shapes in Space Use the Microsoft 3D Tool to create words and shapes Years 3-8

Rules for Group Work Create your Own Ad Use layout tools and clipart to make yor own add. years 5-6

Maps1.doc Create yor own map years 5-8




Six Thinking Hats Images

Six Thinking Hats Posters - Edward DeBono

White Hat Blue Hat Yellow Hat Black Hat Red Hat Green Hat

Award Hats

White Award Blue Award Yellow Award Black Award Red Award Green Award

4 x Times Tables

Sign "In Caring for Our School"

Christmas Stars 1

Christmas Stars 2

Photographic Competition Voting Form

Digital Stills Picture Template

Storyboard for Digital Video

Digital Portfolio - Inspiration Template

Digital Portfolio - Native Inspiration File - without hotlinks



Biography of a Famous Australian

Narrative Plan PDF

Narrative Plan 2 PDF

Exposition 1 PDF

Exposition 2 PDF

Spell Cheque Activity SheetPDF - Amusing as well instructional

Rhyming Slang - take a Captain Cook

How Writers' Write Now pdf

Rock Hound.doc Geology Rock identification

Goal Setting Planner

Computer Test pdf

Programming Documents

Excel Template for Calculation Years and months given a child's birthdate. Includes formulas. DO NOT CLICK TO OPEN THIS LINK, download this link by right clicking on the mouse and select, download link to disk.(for mac just hold the mouse down and dialogue box will come up). After downloading open file in Microsoft Excel.

Program Template

Computer Technology checklist.

Computer Policy .doc

ICT Scope and Sequence

Scope and Sequence Summary

Email Safety Note for Parents

Webquests and Links.doc

Cultural Cuisine

Egyptian Treasure Hunt .doc

Egyptian Links

First Aid .pdf - 5 Student Activities

Cool Fuel - Energy efficiency and Alternative Energy sources

Cool Fuel Answers

First Fleet PDF

Captain Cook PDF

Phillipine Parols PDF



Olympic Merit Certificates


Evaluation Rubric for Generic Skills .pdf

Nancy's Discussion Group Evaluation

Nancy's Self Report

Student Self Report

Computer test/worksample

Some Evaluation Templates

Teacher PD Sites



Art Tool of the 21st Century