Maths Assessment Program by Allan Green Back

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"My Maths Journey was developed as the result of a need for an individualised, diagnostic Maths program within our school that allowed us to teach exactly what the child needed to know in order to move along the educational continuum in Maths. We needed a resource that was directly linked to CSF2 Outcomes and Indicators and that needed a minimum of planning and organisation."

What does My Maths Journey consist of?

My Maths Journey consists of a Maths interview for level 1 and 2 (the interviews could be used as lesson focus points and then utilised as a checklist of achievement) and 13 student booklets (by substrand) for each level 3 and 4. There are class overview sheets for each level and answer sheets for the level 3 and 4 booklets. The interview sheets include a 'What you need' sheet by question number so that you can prepare equipment beforehand.

How do I use My Maths Journey?

Each school will no doubt use the program in unique ways to suit their individual circumstances. When written the following scenarios were envisaged:

Children in level 1 and 2 may be interviewed initially and then interview sheets are used as checklists as the teacher views a child completing an indicator from activities/ groupwork/ lesson. Interviews are used as intervention tools and the strand of Number is interviewed at the start of

the year and the rest as the year goes on.
Booklets for level 3 and 4 are filled in initially as that strand is explored, all booklets being visited before half yearly reports. As children complete activities/ lessons as a result of the Class Overview then the booklet is revisited and added to. After each visit of a substrand the child reattempts booklet questions.
The interviews could be used in full to map each child's knowledge as they enter school.
Booklets could be visited in totality at the start of Year 3 and 5 as an entrance diagnostic for that level and then again at six monthly intervals through to the end of year 4 and 6.
Interviews and booklets become a part of student portfolios and are completed as the child moves through the school.

The four main advantages of an individualised, diagnostic Maths program


My Maths Journey will assist in identifying students in need of specialised intervention assistance because they are at risk. Areas of particular concern can be readily identified.


My Maths Journey makes assessment of student needs easier by clearly identifying what they know and what they need to learn. At report writing time the teacher has all the data gathered in one place (the Class Overview sheet) and can accurately report on student progress and comment precisely on student achievement.

Tracking progress and development.

My Maths Journey allows teachers and parents to see progress (however minute) and to track that by date and completion of interview tasks or booklets. This progress can be tracked down to the indicator level and specifics can be explicitly taught or used as a guide for extra work at home or with an intervention teacher.

Planning teaching content.

My Maths Journey allows teachers to plan Maths lessons to suit the teaching methodology of 'Just in time' teaching where students learn what they need to know. This is in contrast to the 'Just in case' method of teaching in which all children receive the same Maths lessons. As a result of what the children know being plotted on the Class Overview, teachers can clearly see which groups of children need to learn what concepts. This then becomes your lessons and groups for Maths. At the start of a new year the teacher 'hits the ground running' knowing exactly where each child is in terms of Mathematical knowledge and ability.

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