Computer Operation
For PCs

No food or drink near the computers, wash your hands before using the computer, make sure they are dry.

Turning on the computer
1. Remove all covers.
2. Turn monitor on by pressing monitor power button.
3. Boot up computer switch usually found on computer case.
4. Leave Computer on all day, in sleep mode if not in use, or with screen saver operating.

Turning Off the Computer
1. Remove all floppy disks and CDs and empty trash.
2. Go to 'Start" button on desktop, go to "shutdown" - follow dialogue box instructions.
3. Turn Off Power to the Computer.
4. Cover computer.

Maintenance. - Once a week - run the maintenance Wizard
To start the Maintenance Wizard
Click "Start", point to Programs, point to Accessories, point to systems tools, and
then click "Maintenance Wizard,
The Maintenance Wizard starts. Follow instructions that appear.

Trouble Shooting
1. General - Use Windows Trouble Shooter
Click "Start", then click "help"
Click the "Contents" Tab, and then click on the topic you want.
Follow the instructions.
2. Programs running slow.
Remove CDs or floppies in the computer while operating other programs.
3. Program Freeze in order of Use
Force Quit - press "control" + "alt" + "delete" simultaneously. This brings up a
dialogue box, select the program you wish to quit. Or "shutdown" computer.
Reboot Computer reboot switch on computer.
Turn Off Computer at power wall socket(wait 10 seconds) then reboot.
Use the Maintenance Wizard to check for any systems problems.
Eject Stuck CD
Restart or Turn on computer and hold down CD eject button from boot up.

General Trouble Shooting.
Check Power is turned on at wall socket.
Check Plugs are all in OK.
Check Printer paper.
Check Printer Inks.