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1. Welcome

2. Mind Candy

3. WWWinfo -ABC

4. New Printables – Maps

5. Technical Stuff – Hand held, Premiere’s Challenge, Courses

6. Web Site Focus - Maps and Mapping



8. Great Sites – A little bit of Easter

9.  Readers' Requests/Comments

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11. Code of 'Netizens'

12. Tips


1. WELCOME EVERYONE. Here it is another fortnight ZZZiiiiip gone.

Easter is upon us and I have put in some last minute sites. 

It feels a little strange this year, the holidays and Easter show,

at different times. There are some wonderful mapping activities

listed below and excellent printable using Microsoft Word,

you heard it hear first. Make a treasure map, make a local

area map all to scale.  Get on board with Matthew Flinders

experience, and check out some great map sites.  Map away.



"Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it.  Autograph

your work with excellence."  Unknown


"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention,

sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it

represents the wise choice of many alternatives."  Willa A. Foster


"The whole world opened to me when I learned to read." 

Mary McLeod Bethune


Cautious, careful people always casting about to preserve their

reputation and social standing, never can bring about a reform.

Susan B. Anthony


"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence


Henry B. Adams


3. WWWinfo -ABC

ABC Behind the News a fantastic easy to navigate site



Mapping Links below, mapping Printables here.

Students create their own maps in Microsoft Word

You saw it here first - a great little activity.

Mapping Instructions

Mapping Sample



Hand Helds have found their way to classrooms with great success


Premieres Reading Challenge

The Premier's Reading Challenge encourages all NSW students

in Years 5 to 8 to read 20 books in one year.   

The Premier of NSW, the Hon Bob Carr, initiated the Challenge

as a way to promote an interest in reading.

Students who rise to the Challenge receive a certificate from

the Premier


A whole course. Kidspiration for PC is ALL free



Attention Computer Coordinators and

Classroom Teachers

You are invited to attend a free demonstration of Adobe

products, featuring Acrobat 5.0, Photoshop Elements and

Photoshop 7.

The demonstration will be given by:-

Paul Stephens


Bill Gillespie

Internet Project Officer

NSW Dept of Education and Training

Venue:- The Hills Grammar School

43 Kenthurst Road


Date:- Wednesday 3rd April

Time:- 4.00 - 6.00 pm

Coffee and tea from 3.30pm

RSVP by Thursday 28th March to: -

Linda Zugai

NSW State Manager

Edsoft Pty Ltd


Ph:- 02 9481 8700

Fax:- 02 9481 8800



2nd International Lifelong Learning Conference 2002

Date : Sunday, 16 June 2002

Venue : Rydges Capricorn International Resort

Yeppoon on the Capricorn Coast, Australia


9th National Conference of the Australian Association for the

Education of the Gifted and Talented

Date : Sunday, 20 October 2002

Venue : Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia


11th State Conference of the Queensland Association for

Gifted and Talented Children

Date : Friday, 22 March 2002

Venue : University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia


15th Biennial World Conference for Gifted Education

Date : Friday, 01 August 2003

Venue : Convention  Centre, Adelaide, Australia


Translating Brain Research into Classroom Practice with Pat Wolfe

Date : Thursday, 04 April 2002

Venue : Stamford Grand, Sydney, Australia


Brizcomm workshops

Learn how to create compelling web and e-newsletter content

at a workshop with Yvette Nielsen, Australasia's original

content trainer.

Web Content Canberra       18-19 April, 2002    

E-newsletters           Brisbane       11 March 2002        

Web Content Sydney           11-12 April, 2002    

Web Design Basics            Brisbane       13 March, 2002       

E-newsletters           Brisbane       13 March 2002        

E-newsletters           Canberra       16 April 2002           

E-newsletters           Sydney           24 April 2002           


VETnetwork Australia National Conference 2002 –

'Enterprising People and Partnerships: vocational

education and careers for a changing world'

Date : Wednesday, 23 October 2002

Venue : Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Brisbane, Australia


Catering for gifted children in the regular classroom.

23 April

8.45am -4pm

Mary Immaculate Primary School Quakers Hill

Both Miraca and her colleague Bronwyn MacLeaod

will be presenting an opening address plus workshopping

delegates throughout the day with the focus on

classroom know how..very practical with tangible outcomes

by the end of the day.


Cost is $80 (includes lunch and morning tea)

Call the school if interested by April 5

02 9626 3999 Wendy Eves is the coordinator of this event

and is at this  school.


6. WEBSITE FOCUS -Maps and Mapping

Mapping is a great activity.  Here are some sites that you will enjoy.


Database of aerial images - declassified satellite photographs. Can use a

zoom facility to see locations worldwide.

National mapping

Well, here's the official place for this information .. "GEOSCIENCE


'The National Mapping Division of Geoscience Australia was formerly

known as AUSLIG, Australia's official national mapping agency. They

now offer query searches of the Gazetteer of Australia 2001, which is

a compilation of over 274,000 geographic names in Australia provided

by members of the Committee for Geographic Names in Australia'.




More about mapping - the original mapping of Australia a great

activity to celebrate this year.

Bicentenary of Matthew Flinders' Circumnavigation of Australia

Windeward Bound

Coast Care



Goto the How Stuff works site and search for Easter' , this site

offers lots of info suitable for upper primary and High School students

Make a marshmallow Bunny at

Sitting Hen

Easter Word Puzzles

Pokemon Easter Egg Holders - do you believe it???

The children will love it!!!!

Try the Paper Bag Bunnies or the Amazing Transparent Easter

Eggs on this Page - to a happy tune of the Easter Hat Parade

or turn the sound off)

Here's a Few Links to Easter Stories, both religious and traditional

More Stories and Poems for Easter - including some

Christian Easter Downloads

Scrambled Eggs Anyone - shockwave game You will really love this one.



English resources Site - great fantastic huge.


DragonFly TV

Investigate, Know How?, Do it, Get to It, and Talk about It are the

mantras of Dragonflytv. PBS kids has a nice site that provides simple

experiments and discussion boards for the things curious kids want to


Elementary, Middle School

Science (General)


Ask Dr. Math

This is another great area on Math Forum that some teachers

may not know about. Let your students that have many

questions to ask or those that may be too shy to ask in

class skim the archives(Ask Dr. Math has been

around since 1994). The FAQ has answers to classic

questions, those that you have probably answered many times.

That a great resource for the ever curious, or those that just

want to check up on the teacher.

Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, High School.



For the self-motivated learner, it's nice to have some tutorials that

provide just in time learning. FindTutorials lets you, or other

self-motivated learners, pick up some tips for popular software and

programming languages. If you don't want to buy a "Dummy" book on a

topic, this site is a find.

Middle School, High School, College, Adult/Professional

Technology (Software/Web Development), Community Interest


Inventors Museum

This online resource has different categories than other

inventor sites. African American, Colonial, and women

inventors are featured, as are communication inventions,

medical inventions, and transportation technology. The

fun and games directory has inventions from the sport of

golf. Take the Inventors IQ Test for fun.

Elementary, Middle School, High School, College,



PE Central

follow links through lesson ideas > dance lesson ideas


PE Zone (instructions for dances and movement games)-

not as comprehensively finished as the above site but some useful info


Aboriginal Words

If you need any more info, there are some truly wonderful resources

available here including various dictionaries and linguistics

resources on Aboriginal languages



Dear Cathy,  Im not sure if you can help me but if you can,

it would be very much appreciated.  I am doing a Dip. Ed –

Advanced Professional Development and one of the courses

I am doing is computing tools for teachers.  If anyone can

direct me to a software program that has do to with Australian

animals as my assignment is based on an excursion to the

Daisy Hill Koala Centre and the learning experiences will be

based for year 4 students.    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Please email me on

Thanks, Niti Lal


Hi Niti,

Don't go there.  The best solution is to import photos or graphics

from the web or use websites that exist. (given poor access to the

internet this advice may be difficult) however the best solution is

to use the internet not a cd based program.

Rochdale Year 5 Site is great


Great animal printouts at

and also try the discovery learning puzzlemaker

If you want to use a program use, kid pix, kidspiration or Microsoft word, select suitable pictures and use them in the programs.  a retrieval chart is good for this topic.





I am the staff rep on our school's Technology Committee 

(St Mary's Bundaberg). Would you have a copy of the article

that appeared in last week's Sun Herald, as an attachment?

We are currently looking at options for internet access over

the next three years, beginning in November, or in first term

2003. It would be helpful to have an informed response to

refer to at our next meeting in April. Many thanks.

Paul Saxby    


Hi Paul,

The article merely stated how poor the current access to the

Internet is for State schools.  No solutions were offered. 

The current solution is - to put it mildly - no solution.  And

doesn't allow teachers to fulfil the current curriculum

requirements.  Western Australia currently has a solution

that is reportedly working well - I would like to have more details. 

Victoria is crashing and burning with a rather stupid policy

that all schools should negotiate separately with their ISP's

folk down their are tearing their hair out.  I heard that the NSW

CEO had an excellent system in place with a quality server

sided interface, I looked at their system at Marist College

Penshurst, Chris Betcher is the co-ordinator there - quite a

remarkable ICT. As you are a Catholic school - it may be

useful for you to contact him for some advice.

They run a Novell Netware Curriculum Server, Schoolsnet

server administered by Ursys which accesses the CEO

Schoolsnet system(provides everything - looks fantastic). 

Hope this helps I will report as I find out more in the VT newsletter.





I’m teaching the text Hating Alison Ashley for the first

time to my stage three yrs5/6 students. I’m running out of

ideas on how to incorporate this with out using cloze

passages or comprehension (which they have done to death).

Please help!!!!!!!!!!


Study Guide

Arts interpretation from Sofweb - scroll down the page and

download the pdf

also Talented ed




Hi Cathy

I have been looking round your site for farming related info and

found the first site listed very helpful for my own background.

Will be checking our other sites as well. Thanks for all your

hard work.

Just a suggestion if I may - the title should be "You're" instead of

"Your". The Year 4/5 teacher in me strikes again!!

Keep up the good work.

Kind regards

Allan Ribbons


We are doing a unit of Australia and live in the USA. Do you

have any Idea where I could Find a road Map of Australia?

Is there one available on the




Hi Dorinda,

this site shows major roads

and also has some other maps.

other links for australia can be found at:-




Dear Cathy,

Thanks for your email. The session that Chris attended with

Daniel was actually held in Sydney! While we are Melbourne

based, we do have an office in Sydney which is staffed by Mark

Lamont and Bede Ritchie. I am sure they would be most happy

to give you a demonstration of our software, I have copied

them on this email.

On another note, I had a look at your website and thought you

may be interested in promoting some projects that we have coming up.

Our education team at myinternet run a monthly competition

called 'School of the Month', where our customer schools can

nominate their website or online project, within set criteria, for

an award. There is more information at

We also have alliance with the ABS, where we provide a

'transition' web page into relevant statistical information that

can be used in class settings.

In the same vain, we have an alliance with the Curriculum

Corporation and we have a project coming up on the ANZACs.

myinternet schools also have the opportunity to join

the myinternet Footy League, a collaborative, online,

statistical competition.

Kind regards,

Brenda Jolliffe

Marketing Communications

myinternet Limited

PO Box 650

Carlton South VIC 3053

Phone: +613 8379 2000

Fax: +61 3 8379 2033


My internet looks fantastic – has anyone else used it????


10.          NEXT ISSUE Chocolate maths and Rock Hounds be

ready some, some interesting sites and info, if you have

some ideas on food and maths send it in, also any great

geology sites. Have a good one.

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

11. Code of the 'Netizens'

This Newsletter is not free, despite the misleading advertising

above. The Fee is now due. Each week you must help one

colleague on the Internet who has less knowledge than you.

Help that person even if you have to visit their classroom or

do a little research and get back to them. Trust me, this will

help a lot of people get their computer classrooms running better.

OK I'm trusting you!!!


12. TIPS

1. Double click on highlighted URLS to open in browser.

2. Send in your Questions, Questions will be published with

Answers, send in your Answers, if you have expertise to share.

3. Nominate a brilliant site for review and inclusion in this


4. Nominate a fantastic school site for review and inclusion in

this newsletter.

5. Make contact with other schools using fantastic programs.

6. Prepare and innovative article for this newsletter.

7. Tell 2 colleagues about this newsletter.


The opinions expressed here are purely those of the editor,

Cathy Brown. All other small print clauses apply. Such as:

Use at your  own risk. Nothing in life is guaranteed. If it doesn't

work for you send me an email.

Editor: cathy brown


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