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1. WELCOME EVERYONE Faced with another round of tests, final year exams and stressed students. I have been considering the value of all this Left Brain activity. Do students who do well at school and on standardised tests do well at life. Are the written tests we give good indicators of future success.  My gut reaction is no.  You can see the students who will be successful, some of them are good at test taking and others are not. There is more going on here and we have always known that the stuff we measure doesn’t give us the whole picture.  Who will succeed in the future, how do we equip our students for a future world. What will that world look like? The book A Whole New Mind – is worth  a read over the holidays – some of my thoughts about it are below



"The future depends on what we do in the present."

- Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948) Indian political leader,

activist and father of non-violent social reform


Aesthetics matter. Attractive things work better. Don Norman


I think designers are the alchemists of the future. Richard Kishalek



Nothing is quite a spectacular on the Internet for

Christmas as as jsmagic.  The Emissary is a spectacular

animated gif representation, everyone will love.  Younger

children will enjoy the spectacle. Older students can use the

 images to create their own versions. The clipart here is free,

so long as source is acknowledged. Most images can be dragged

directly into PowerPoint, so students can develop their own stories

and ideas using this clipart collection. Show it using I digital

projector if you have one. Click in active image area to progress.

Scenes from the Nativity



Christmas Star to Cut out and past or draw in your face,

paste your face in electronically and print out.



Here is an amazing new piece of technology



Some great Christmas sites here. Lots of crafts and history.

For clipart and animated gifs jsmagic is great.

Please send in any other great XMAS sites you can recommend


7. A WHOLE NEW MIND – Daniel H. Pink

In this book Daniel addresses the Ages of Man – from the

Agricultural Age (farmers) through the Industrial Age(factory workers),

through the Information Age(Knowledge workers) to the

Conceptual Age(creators and empathisers).  The Conceptual Age

 has arisen due to 3 things, Abundance – a visit to any K-Mart will

confirm this, Asia – the abundance of cheap workers including

 knowledge workers available in
Asia at  wages one tenth of those in the western world, and

automation, the use of computer technology to reduce

repetitive jobs. This is great , but what jobs will our students do?

Design, creativity, high concept, high touch abilities matter more.

These are all fundamentally human attributes.  Our cave dwelling

ancestors weren’t taking tests, they were telling stories,

demonstrating empathy and designing innovations.

‘At Sony, we assume that all products of our competitors have

basically the same technology, price, performance and

features. Design is the only thing that differentiates one product

from another in the marketplace”. -  Ohga

“We don’t make automobiles. BMW makes “moving works of

art that express the driver’s love of quality.” Chris Bangle BMW.

Design, art, playing, creating inventing, are going to have to

play a larger part in the schools of the future.  Standardised

tests and testing in general will need to change to reflect this.

We need as teacher , to develop the WHOLE child

(we’ve been saying this for ages haven’t we), and

evaluate both left and right brain skills.  There is more to this

than just the written test results.  Tests only give us half the picture.




Free Websites and Email for everyone in you school.


Remember "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" Well

now the new game Brewster Jennings Protects America brings

this classic adventure into the 21st century by merging the game

 play with Google maps technology*. In the web-based

Brewster Jennings Protects America game you race around

 the globe as a government agent trying to stop a deadly terror

attack from taking place....

The story so far: You are an undercover CIA agent claiming

 to work for the fictitious "Brewster Jennings & Associates"

company. You were just awoken at three in the morning by a

phone call from The Chief telling you to report to your office

 immediately. From what he told you it looks like a terrorist

is set to attack today and you are the country's last and only

hope. Click "Start New Game". It's time to save America.



Hi Cathy,

I can only repeat the praises that all your subscribers sing of

your wonderful newletter. Beside personal mail - it is the

emessage that I look forward to the most. As a Year 5 teacher,

I seem to use everything you include, either directly; modified

 in class; or copied and passed along to colleagues.

I particularly love my thinking hats posters

( handcoloured by my class!) Now I am trying to produce

a similar resource using Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. 

I have modified them to read: music wise / self wise / maths

wise etc.  on a set of posters but I was wondering if you

could wave your particular brand of magic and improve on the idea.


Looking forward to the next newsletter

Anne Marie Stephenson

Villa Maria Primary School

Hunters Hill NSW


I might take a look at this later – does anyone have any



Hello Cathy

With regard to the Mind Candy facts, where is this taken

from? Is there a

url, etc to support these claimed facts?





I think most of these sorts of things fall into the category of

things that might be true.

Here are a few other places they are mentioned - validating

them would be a good science experiment or research project.


This site says they are all true

Other sites where they are mentioned.


Hi Cathy,

I just thought I'd drop you a line to inform you of a website you

may wish to add to your great resource at Virtual Teacher.


The site is OARBS - the Online Audiovisual Resource Booking System.

It's a free web service for schools and their teachers to share things

like computer labs, library sessions, A/V equipment, et cetera.

 has details, as well as a signup form.


All the best,

Colin Dellow


Take a look and let me know what you think


Hi, Cathy,


I did a quick search on 'lesson plans for blind children' in Google.  There

were quite a few sites listed, though one must delve deeper through it.  A

couple of interest I found are as follows:

Hoping this helps a bit!

Warm regards,

Nancy S-G


Thanks for these Nancy


Hi Cathy,

If Alfred Hitchcock didn't have a belly button, how was he

connected to his

mother in utero?


Hitchcock being a mammal had to be born with a belly button,

it’s just how it is for us mammals. Apparently Hitchcock had

several operations in the belly area leading his doctors to

sow up the bb. I can find no specific proof, but it is mentioned

often - here is one place.


10. NEXT ISSUE – More on the Mind and the Conceptual Age.

Have a great fortnight. ciao Cathy


11. Code of the 'Netizens'

This Newsletter is not free, despite the misleading advertising

above. The Fee is now due. Each week you must help one

colleague on the Internet who has less knowledge than you.

Help that person even if you have to visit their classroom or

do a little research and get back to them. Trust me, this will

help a lot of people get their computer classrooms running better.

OK I'm trusting you!!!


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