Museums in the Classroom Oceans Project

Sound like an expert and find 10 great ocean words.

Describe and draw the water cycle

Why is the Ocean Salty?

Where are the coral reefs?

Is life found at all depths?

How many fish Species are there?

What are some amazing ocean facts?


Go on a Virtual Whale Watching Expedition

Write down the names of 3 whales you see.

Describe them.


ZOOM on Whales

How big are the biggest whales?

How did whales evolve?

How do whales swim?

List 5 of your favourite whales, download their images and print them out.

Draw a diagram and label the parts of a whale.


Zoom on sharks

What is a shark?

How big are they?

What do they eat?

Where do they live?

How did they evolve?


Everything you Ever wanted to Know about Fish is here.

Download your favourite fish.

Label the body parts.

Explain how fish swim.

Explain 3 different body forms and how they work.


And Last but not least check out this submarine diving game.