Mythical Creatures

Part 1

1. Search the Mythical Creatures sites. Look at the creatures from Australia first, then select other countries, and view other mythical creatures.

3. Select 5 mythical creatures. Describe the creatures, country of origin, legends and include a picture.


Part 2
Read some of the legends at this site.

Invent your own Mythical creature. Describe it, give its country of origin, and invent a 'legend to go with it. Provide an illustration of your creature.


Choose a 'type' of mythical creature (eg dragons, or giants etc), and research the myths, legends and the history surrounding them.

Use the following search engines:-



Anzwers - Australian search engine

Yahooligans - Search engine for kids, kids sites, educational sites

Askjeeves - answers questions about topics

Ajkids - answers children's questions children's sites will be found here, also educational.

Google - love the returns name quick relevant hits - general


Illustrate your work.

Part 3
You and your partner will give a presentation of part 2 to the class.

Part 1 50 points ( 10 points for each Mythical creature)
Part 2 30 points
Part 3 20 points

I want this assignment to be fun but something you can really learn from! Remember, ask me if you have any problems!