Great New Sites
COUNT US IN ABC Learning online.

WICKED4KIDS Australian Website Games, Learning, brainteasers.

SUNSHINE ONLINE Games, Themes, Printouts, E-books, Projects.

Site to help Australian Primary Scholl children with their assignments
Topics include, Sport, Planet Earth, Animals, Food and my Body, Technology and Inventions, Animals, Australia, People and Places.

Multiflyer is a fun online game developed to help anyone who is learning
multiplication tables. Even sprinkles in learning about the planets.
Simple, fun diversion to help reinforce multiplication skills.

Features a considerable collection of lovely,
addictive games and a smaller collection of interesting media called

This wacky Web site, hosted by Science Bob from his mobile
science lab, has amazing science facts, trivia, and tips on tackling
science fair projects. Read the silly scientist's Q&A section, then
select weird items -- slime, rock candy, chicken bones, etc. –
that the entire class can experiment with.

National Library of VIRTUAL MANIPULATIVES this is a great site –
I played it for ages. Kids in all grades can use this site's marvelous
math manipulatives by moving and arranging them on-screen!
Users can finish colored bead patterns, add electronic base-ten blocks,
find areas and perimeters on virtual geoboards, and more!
Teachers can click on "Standards" to learn the NCTM standard
supported by each game.

This is a great site - have the children take a quiz- there is a children's
sections and the animals sections is also suitable for younger grades.
Have the children select and take a quiz and print out their results.
If you are planning a trivia night this is the right site for you.

Turn up the Volume, Kindergarten Phonics song.

Live broadcasts from PARLIAMENT OF AUSTRALIA

ILLUMINATIONS (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) This is a fantastic site - just what you have been looking for - ineractive maths activities online. Spanning the entire K-12 range, this great resource includes:
1)i-Maths: online, interactive, multimedia math investigations. All i-Maths are built around interactive math applets, and some also include video clips.
2)Internet-Based Lesson Plans: examples of how the Internet can be used to help create effective Standards-based mathematics lessons.
3) Math-lets: math applets you can download and use to explore math and create interactive lessons on your own.
4) Inquiry on Practice: video vignettes, research reports, and articles designed to encourage thinking and discussion about how to improve the teaching and learning.