E-Mail is Truly Wonderful


E-Mail is truly wonderful, a way to communicate instantly and no hunting for stamps. This year the senior children at Crown St, will use yahoo for an email address.  Many children already have existing hotmail or yahoo accounts, which they will continue to use. These email providers are currently the most popular free online email services.


Some of the Positive Benefits of using email are:-

Keeping in touch with teachers, family, friends a list of classmates email accounts will be sent to your child via email of course.

Getting help with homework

Establishing mentoring relationships

Practicing writing

Making world-wide pen pals


It is important that students learn to use these accounts effectively and avoid the pitfalls. When using email there are a few things to keep in mind to play it safe, make sure the message is received in the proper tone, and avoid (as best as you can) spam. Delete unsolicited emails, delete emails attachments from unknown sources and report repeated SPAM offenders to your ISP.


Share your child's e-mail account and password. Talk with your child about the people he or she is emailing online. Your child should never give away personal details, like address, telephone number or even surname.  Supervise your child on the computer at home.