Digital Portfolios



Digital Portfolios are what folk have if they use computers.  If you use a computer and save your work you have a digital portfolio.  Just like a book or folder, a digital portfolio contains work a person/student does on a computer.  This work may be complete or incomplete, marked and corrected by the teacher or not, in fact it is work in various stages of development just like a students workbook or drafts folder.


In Kindergarten and Year 1 Students work can be saved into a class folder. Not all work students  do on computers in these beginning years needs to be saved or printed. 3-4 samples per student in K-1 is ample.


 At Crown St all students from Year 2 to Year 12 should have their own folder.  Students can make their own folders or the teacher can set these up.  Ideally these should be set up at the beginning of each year.


Previous years¹ work can be dragged and dropped into the new folder and should be year dated.  This can be done by the students. 



In year 3 or 4 students should begin to make a linked digital Portfolio.  The program most suited to this at Crown St is ŒInspiration¹ which allows hyperlinking, use of images and final save option as a webpage.


Setting up a Digital Portfolio Template.

  1. Goto Start Menu
  2.  Open Inspiration
  3. Highlight the Words Main Idea, and replace with ŒYour Name Digital Portfolio
  4. Click on the oval, 4 small squares and 4 diamonds should appear around the oval. 
  5. In the Icon Bar click create.
  6. Goto the oval labelled Your Name digital Portfolio and click on Œcreate¹ again.
  7. Repeat x 2


Your image should look like this












8. Add Labels for a maximum of 4 computer

activities students should complete and link to their  portfolio.






  1. Save this as a template. Each student can then save a copy of the template into their own folder using their own name ŒJoe¹s Digital portfolio.²
  2. Students can then link their files.
  3. To hyperlink files highlight text. Click on the Œhyperlink¹ icon on icon bar. Click on the Œfile¹ option in the hyperlink dialogue box, click the Œselect file¹ button at the bottom of this dialogue box.  Scroll through files and select the required file, click OK.  The highlighted text will be underlined and blue if the hyperlink is active.

TIP All linked files should be in the same folder with the Digital portfolio.

  1. Students can then decorate personalise and add to their digital portfolios.