Cultural Cuisine

What can we learn about a country's culture just by examining their food?

Isn't it amazing what people eat? Do you ever find yourself saying, "I would never eat something like that!" You probably never really thought too much about it, but what that culture is eating may not be a choice. So the question is how does cuisine help define a culture. This assignment will attempt to challenge you to learn what a culture eats actually says about the culture and how and where the people live.

This WebQuest will take 6 lessons finish. I have included and exact schedule for the assignment so that none of you get behind on your project. The best way for you to keep on schedule would be check it each time you have a computer lesson.

Day 1)
* Form groups of two; you may work on your own
* You and your partner need to choose a country from this list:
- India
- Greece
- Vietnam
- Russia
- Hungry
Begin your research on your country in either your computer lab time or library time. You are not limited to only using web and non-web resources. Feel free to do any other outside research. Use your Computer log book to make notes.

Day 2)
Continue research in lab and library time. (Make sure you are including important aspects such as the climate, what the location is geographically, and what types of foods they eat.) Including a map would be a good idea

Day 3)
Continue research

Day 4)
Finish up research and begin writing your 1 to 2 page report on the country.

Day 5)
Conclude report and type during computer lab time.

Day 6 )
* Turn in your report
* During lab time you need to look up recipes on the web from the sites I gave you, or other sites you might have found for your presentation on Wed.

Day 7 )
* You and your partner will give your presentation to the class. If you can bring some food from the culture you have studied for classmates to try this would be good.
* Be as creative as you can. You can create posters or other such things.

If you are having trouble with the assignment come ask me. I'm more than happy to help you, all you have
to do is ask!!
Here are a few reminders that might help you with this assignment;
* don't get to crazy with the report, remember that it is only supposed to be 1 to 2 pages long
* stay with the schedule! If you do this you won't fail!
* use your time in the library and lab wisely
* try to make your presentation fun, I don't want you to be bored with the assignment

I want this assignment to not only fun but something that you can really learn from!
Remember, ask me if you have any problems!

Web Resources:
*Use a search engine like and Brittanica online,

Non-web resources:
*Encyclopaedias in the library
*Newspapers you can get in the library
*Neighbours, friends, family members
*library books

For your research will be using the library quite a bit and we will also have plenty of computer lab time. I will always be there to help you so don't worry about not finding the information you need!

For this assignment you will be required to complete several things. Here is a point list that tells you how I will grade your project.

1 - 2 page paper 50pts
food example 20pts
copy of recipe 10pts
presentation 20pts

If there are any concerns, come talk to me.

Finally, you can breathe. You have reached the end of your WebQuest!! I hope that you all enjoyed doing this little project. Let me know your thoughts on the assignment, whether you liked it or not, this will determine if we do it again or not.