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Freaky Storm and The Big Booooom!!!


This is my super dooper catch. I caught these trolling in Botany Bay in the holidays, using a Rapalo Lures. I caught 2 Mac Salmons, 9 Taylor and 1 Bonito.

I caught these 5 Blackfish & 1 Flathead using a fishing rod and float baited with green grass from the sea!!!!!

   Here are 4 fish that Catherine and I caught on the pier at Botany Bay trolling with spinners.  

I caught this Groper off the rocks at

Port Hacking using live nippers.


Woooo! Hooo!





I caught these blackfish using a float and small sinker with green sea grass off the back of Botany Bay wharf.

I caught this Barramundi in a dam near Canberra using live bloodworms.


More shots of my wonderful Mac Salmons.


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