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Lovely Links

Fantastic new series of books by Lemony Snicket, called 'A series of Unfortunate Events'. The site is fantastic too, go there.

Find out about the Internet, build a web page, do some animation with the WEB MONKEYS

Check out the yuckiest site on the internet

Virtual body site is very cool with pictures from the inside and audio from the outside

Pick a number is a fantastic site , it is fast and fun. Are you up to the challenge?

Play some number Games on the net, help Zack get to Chihuahua

Cool stuff abour Australian animals from Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Try this really cool jigsaw puzzle site

Christmas Quiz and activites - try the Elf Exam

Check out this great butterfly site. Also check out Zoom Dinosaurs, Whales, Sharks, Astronomy,

Birds, Rainforest and Mammals.

Your Age on other Planets

Cool Canteen Quiz

Hangman Online

Play Iggy and Rasper's and beat the computer - use the back key for instructions

Check out some other games here

Play Turkey Drop you Turkey

Very Cool Tangram site with music and action

Send a Message to the World

CoolMaths interactive

Your Weight on Other worlds

Boiling Water Experiment

Egyptian Heiroglyphics A fun Egyptian translater

Quizzes and Practice on all sorts of things - make up your own quizzes

Some great shockwave online animated physics experiments there are a few pages to click through but the interactivity is worth it

Apollo Mission the Star child sight has also other things of interest if you wish to explore




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