Information Technology

Level One

Identifies some ways in which different information is presented.

Tasks Completed ? Date
Can produce a simple drawing or plan.    
Can produce work combining text and pictures.    
Can start and shutdown the computer.    
Can explain how they produced their work.    
Can Point, click and drag using the mouse.    
Can Use arrow keys.    
Can use drawing tools to make simple pictures.    
Can record a simple message.    

Information Technology

Level Two

Identifies different ways of presenting information.

Tasks Completed ? Date
Prepares simple plans showing how to present information.    
Makes a sign, card or poster combining colour, shape and printed message.    
Compares a piece of work with original plans.    
Can save work on a floppy disk.    
Can highlight whole words and lines.    
Can follow a series of instructions when using a program.    
Uses drawing tools to compose a picture.    
Can insert and remove a CD. Rom.    
Identifies common function keys.    

Information Technology

Level Three

Identifies features of information products used for different purposes.

Tasks Completed ? Date
Plans steps to collect data and produce information for specific purpose.    
Can produce own text and graphics on computer using suitable programs and techniques.    
Considers presentation and suitability of their information for intended purpose.    
Identifies and uses common function keys when needed.    
Uses pull down menus.    
Uses tool bar in drawing program.    
Can import graphics.    
Locates program or folder on open desktop.    
Can highlight text when formatting.    
Uses CD Rom to find information.    

Information Technology

Level Four

Investigates different sources of data to assess suitability against its intended purpose.

Tasks Completed ? Date
Can prepare designs and justify their choices.    
Follows design plans and uses a variety of techniques to present information.    
Assesses the quality of their information products.    
Can open and save to any location in the computer.    
Uses function keys for menu shortcuts.    
Can edit and format documents using a range of techniques.    
Chooses appropriate programs for intended purpose.    
Uses CD Rom to find specific information.    
Uses a range of multimedia in a single presentation.