People and their Beliefs

This webquest will take 6 lessons to finish. I have included an exact schedule for the Webquest with one session to spare, so that none of you get behind on your project. The best way for you to keep on schedule would be to check it each time you have a computer lesson.

Day 1. What are the major religions of the world?
Write down the name of the religion and the total number of adherents for the 5 largest religious groups, in your workbook.
Make a graph of the 5 largest religious groups, using Microsoft Excel.

Day 2. List of religions within the school. Make a graph of religious groups.

Day 3. What religion or cultural group are you? Write a religious or cultural story from your religion or culture. Where is your place of worship, or cultural meeting place? List all the special celebrations and their meanings for your religion or cultural group.

Day 4. Presentation of Day 3 assignment. Preparation of a retrieval chart from shared findings in question No. 3. Select 5 Religions and complete the following Retrieval chart.


 Some Major Beliefs or Stories

 Sacred Places

 Special Ceremonies and Times of Year
 Some Laws or Rules about how People should Behave


Christian Stories at Virtual Church

Jewish Children International

Hindi Kids

Children's Activities at Ramadan

Interfaith Calendar

Day 5. Aboriginal Culture
Goto the Aboriginal Dreaming site:-
Select a story teller, one of my favourites is Francis Firebrace. Read 'about me' and 'about my stories', then listen to some of the stories. Fill out the retrieval chart with information from the story you listened to.


 What was Created?

 Who Created this?

 Did the Spirit Identify any Sacred Places?
 Did the spirit give Rules for how to Live?


What is this site about? What discrimination occurred? Why did the discrimination occur? Prepare a report to present to the class.


Graph of Major Religions 15 points
Graph of School religions 15 points
Your Religions group or Culture 20 points
Class Presentation 10 points
Retrieval Chart of 5 Religions 20 points
Retrieval chart of Aboriginal Stories 20 points


Have fun, learn lots and don't forget to ask for help if you need it.