POPS goes Antartica? This project is a good example of the ways in which scientists work together
to answer questions. Scientists become experts in a part of the natural world and its processes.
In this case, Rebecca Dickhut is an expert in Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and the ways
in which they move around the world. Hugh Ducklow is an expert in picoplankton and in the
Antarctic coastal ecosystem.
Enchanted Learning Site - Great Printouts and info - fantastic one stop shop on antartica.
Ice Trek 88 years ago, Captain Robert Falcon Scott organised an expedition to the Antarctic
in the hope of being the first to reach latitude 90 degrees South. In 1998 three expeditioners
prepare their own expedition in the hope of being the first to repeat Scott's journey.
Pictures of Antarctica

Antarctica Online

GLACIER, a website all about Antarctica and the part Antarctica plays in our global system of
weather and climate and oceans and geology! The GLACIER Web Site is
intended to introduce you to the Antarctic and the brave souls who are investigating that vast,
frozen continent. (for information related to weather)
Information on Antarctic explorers

Terraquest Expedition to the antarctic
Photographs of Antarctica

Gander Academy - antarctica - comprehensive resource
Green Peace
Nasa Antarctica Site
CIA - The Fact Book Antarctica